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  1. Takes a month to get a check from them.
  2. No just open multiple accounts,dont get caught and fly to the top of the online poker world!
  3. Yea Yea 30% of all the players that regularly play the big buy tourneys online are multi accounting anyway,if they are not working fir the sites themselves.
  4. Yes and they always dig thru hundreds if not thousands of poker forums and blogs for just that.
  5. I had to wait for it also. I dot know if I had to wait again because i havent put any more on that site.
  6. I dont know of this has been posted and Im not searching before I do,so forget about it.Absolute Poker has confirmed that its security was breached by someone with inside knowledge of its system that enabled him to share opponents' holecard information with the eventual winner of a $1,000 buy-in tournament in September, and possibly other games. The site claims to have sealed the security breach.The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), which is commissioned by several leading online sites as a regulator, hired Gaming Associates, a company that provides accreditation and security services to casi
  7. I hate you bodog thanks for all the loyalty you little gutter slut.May you burn in flames with Hitler and Hussen you hustling tramp.
  8. Thats the idea is wait for the big hands and watch them give their chips to you.Yea but that is the case in every one of the sites.I played at party in a 25 buy in and those guys wouldnt fold anything i played like 5 hands and i was the chip leader for two hours then i got tired and donked it off.My wife was telling me sht because I called the all in. WTF?
  9. Unf king believable 12 K in chips AA all in against KK and K on the flop wow 172 place.F k i was playing my A game to.
  10. Was playing call of duty 2.Got bored and back with bodog.But on the 8th of November I am gonna be on Gears of War and Call of Duty 3.
  11. Bush DID NOT make it illegal to do research on stem cells he just made it that the government is not going to pay for it.I dont agree on abortion because I dont feel it is right thing to do in America.I could care less about what other countries do or think as long as it doesnt effect me or my family.Who gives a sht about Iraqis anyway.As long as they are wiping each other out instead of planning to kill Americans,I sleep better at night.
  12. I have reloaded windows and the only problem ive run against is my poker videos(all my videos for that matter) run in an orange tint.Any one have any good codecs I should be looking for that can help me.
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