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  1. If you listen he compliments DNs play. To paraphrase what he actually said "Daniel was playing poorly for awhile. I thought he looked tired. The he won a nice pot, woke up a bit, and played very well for the rest of the day."Not an insult by any means.
  2. Seems to me that a player of DNs skill will earn money no matter what. After all, how did he get famous in the first place? It wasn't his fame that allowed him to win in the beginning.
  3. All I know is the Red Sox are gonna lose....
  4. 100% fake.Milk is mostly water - certainly over 90%, and a few percent fat, depending on the type, and small amounts of lactose and maybe some other sugars. Certainly not enough to transform the glass into an entire glass of sugar. For some perspective, a 20 oz Mt Dew contains about 72 grams of sugar - enough to maybe fill that glass 1/8 full. This glass of milk has more sugar than mountain dew?And what is concentratic citric? Pure citric acid? And they sell that in grocery stores?
  5. Head to Gilpin casino outside of Denver, CO. There you can play a rousing game of $5/$5 dealers choice, options being holdem, omaha, regular pineapple, and crazy pineapple. ANY of the games can be called Hi/Lo
  6. I'm suspicious of someone who uses so many exclamation points!!!!!
  7. It's more democratic than TAB cola, but less democratic than Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  8. Wearing a poker shirt while playing poker is like wearing the shirt of the band you're going to go see.Don't be that guy.
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