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  1. any info on how long it should take to show up on my page?
  2. Was an existing member of full tilt and they offered it to me so I will take what I can get..
  3. I just singed up for rakeback pros with full tilt and was wondering after playing how long it takes for my stats to show up on my accound on my rakebackpros website page?any help would be great thanks!
  4. E-mailed them asking for rakeback, didnt say I was leaving or anything, and here is the e-mail I got back.Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker.Full Tilt does not pay players rakeback directly. There are a number of rakeback affiliates who offer players up to 27% rakeback if they sign up to Full Tilt Poker through their site.Please note that this is not an issue which can be solved by opening another account with Full Tilt Poker, it is against our site policy to open more than one account. Though you could cease using your account, we do not remove it from our system, nor do we freeze accou
  5. I was just wondering if I could still get rakeback on my existing Full Tilt account?Have had the account for a few years now if that helps.If no what can I do?Any help would be great thanks!!
  6. Also new to this might play...Just wondering, do top 9 get a bonus prize every tourny?
  7. Ive had 2, First was live home game with J10 of diamonds and second was online with AQ of hearts.
  8. Not after I made that post..............Just got the spam
  9. Yes 1 of 8 final tables in MTTs is great but if you dont think final tabling is worth it.... you must not be playing good tournys with decents payouts.
  10. Still waiting for this.....
  11. I know of Rub N Tug.... But Play N Tug.....Might be onto something....
  12. and..................I have no idea whats goin on here............
  13. Not safe to say... Not that im all for Helmuth but Chan once sais he thinks Helmuth is the best tournament player.And for Basketball I gotta go with Nash for a close second
  14. Coming from the guy with Mike Matusow as his avatar....
  15. I dont see this thread going anywhere for a long time...
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