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  1. http://news.pokerpages.com/index.php?optio...iew&id=1578see i am not the only person who thinks this
  2. Sam and JD know there sport better then anyone. They are the best.Kieth Hernendez is also pretty good.Joe morgan is great because he hates the Yankees.Stan Fischler is by far the worst announcer ever his monotone voice puts me to sleep.
  3. Pilla

    The Questions Game

    Am I really this bored?
  4. Big O triple double averageI dont know what happened to the poll but we can all type
  5. Two of the worlds best marketing forces.
  6. _______________________________________________Pilla, you are a dandy man. You are so offbase on all you comments:1. Michael Jordon is simply the best basketball player of all time..... The rings back it up, the scoring titles back it up, the defense back it up, and some of the individual plays that he made back it up. Also, the ability to retire, come back, and still be an excellent player showcases him pure athletic ability.2. No player has ever played in the NBA and another professional sport. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders simply do not back up your assertions about Jordon. Also, Jord
  7. I never said Hellmuth was the best but he is one of the 10 best players ever(in NLH). as far as Jordan being the best He isnt Wilt was better Chamberlain was better oscar robinson was better kareem was better next probally Jordan what you dont understand is you are living in the ESPN world and Jordan was ESPN's favorite so the keep telling you how great he was so when everybody hears it over and over they start believing it. As far as the ESPN poll of the beswt athlete of all time how can anyone believe Jordan is the best athlete of all time when he proved it wasn't true by failing misurably
  8. Not the place for this but Jordan is not the best ever maybe top 5.
  9. Does any else see this. The guy has turned a great talent, maybe top 10 all time, into a player who people think is the best. Marketing has transformed Hellmuth into a household name as it did with Jordan. I say congradulations to him.
  10. Just a few more days. Really cant wait I have been dying for the new season by far the best show
  11. I have been playing poker for years and have never seen or even heard of a run like I had last week(and I blame internet poker). I played in 5 $27 SNG's last week and was eliminated in three of them by set over set. It seems to convient to me that this type of **** happens all the time. Either thee is something wrong with poker stars RNG or internet poker is total bull ****(what I am leaning towards).
  12. I was reciently playing in a tournament that paid the top 4. While we were three handed a hand came up like this.With the blind of 1000 2000 the chip leader by a huge margine raise t0 6000 next the small blind raises for 3900 more. Next, I had 1000 more then the small blind, I confirmed that if both the sb and I were knocked out together I the larger stack would get second. When they said I would I went all in blind making sure that the big stack knew I was moving all in blind. My thinking was that the large stack had me way out stacked and if I went heads up with him I had no chance. By
  13. It wasnt a couple of calls it was calls that were impossible to miss Even though the NBA sucks they do got one thing right prtect your stars. There is no way that when Jagr and thorton and heatly and the other top stars are on the ice and they are hit illegaly it can be missed because that should be rule number one, One more thing it was very conventily that every time the Senators took a penalty tonight the Rangers miracaulsy took one also! The Senators first goal was even scored by a guy who should have been given a game misconduct for a Knee to Knee hit on Prucha which was not even calle
  14. The Rangers were considered to be one of the worst teams in the league preseason The reason those good players around Jagr played good was because of Jagr. Thorton was good but Jagr was the best in the toughest place in the world to be an athlete. New York fans are the most loyal fans in the world, but they are also the toughest to please and every night in the Garden there were 20,000 people chanting his name
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