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  1. no it does not make sense, but donks do not make sense soo...
  2. Just wanted to let anyone know if they want to see the mouth playing the smallest limits..
  3. Any of the pokerrom skins have 5 handed sngs, pretty much the only sngs I'll play and they'll pretty soft...imo
  4. I just tell people there is no justice in poker whenever I get sucked out on... once after I got 2nd in a sng i was called a fag..i was quite hurt..
  5. When a player goes all in with junk to re-steal but you actually have AA or something and win and he says "there's no jusitce"... i love it...
  6. i used to play like micros on FCP, pretty donky
  7. my first mtt final table there was 10 people in my room going nuts, i ended up winning, so now I love having people watching me when I play..but if by myself definately listening to the circuit..
  8. Sorry if this has been discussed to death, but I just can't win a pot with Ace Queen 100 out of 100 times it seems.. I've seen the espn "the nutz" footage of the pros saying hands they hate, just wondering what other hands are the most common people hate...
  9. Yes I think I'll request this...
  10. Hey just wondering if this isnt' a good deal. There is a max 30 person tourney going where I live that is a 50 dollar buy in with a 10 dollar entry fee. Is 20% of the buyin too big? They have dealers, but they aren't professional, I played there once but there was no fee.. Just wondering what to do.. Also, this isn't like a friendly home game where everyone knows everyone, it's a weekly thing that people in the know play..
  11. Long time lurker..Finally posting. I've been recently playing small stakes mtts (5+50) on FCP and have had some great results. Out of 10 tournies I've won 1, got 4th,7th, 15th, 19th, 39th, 52nd, 80th, and the rest I've gone out in the beginning, all the tournies avg. a 400 person field. I know that my sample size isn't big but is it that I play MTT's well or is it because of the stakes I'm playing at, or luck/varience? I've been playing poker for about 2 years, and online for one year. I'm a winning playing over the past year in the .50c/$1 lhe, and the micro nl tables on FCP. Also, is the pla
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