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  1. One of my favorite crayon colors!I wanted a name that was not at all related to my name, a bit fun, and gender-neutral. "he/she/you are one sick puppy" was a phrase that my friends and I used to use in high school, and hearing DN use "sick" as slang brought back that memory, hence the name (the x was because that's what support said was available).
  2. +1Does he have a legitimate need for the meds? What makes you suspicious? Background info is key - it can be hard to distinguish true addiction from pseudo-addiction and dependence.Also, if he is really in a lot of pain, taking meds around the clock (at appropriate intervals) would be normal if within generally acceptable doses. In some cases, using more than prescribed can be a result of worsening or poorly treated pain, and usage can returned to safe levels with adequate pain management.If he is using a lot of Vicodin, he needs some help due to the risk of using too much Tylenol (it is on
  3. Fun thread - makes me giggle.I'll post my own favorites later, I have to think about that for a while and I'm headed to bed at the moment.A great source for entertaining obscure phrases:western lingoEnjoy! I found it when working on a western-themed convention.
  4. Breaking news:Alcohol ban reversed!
  5. I only have one trick, but it's quite a show...You take several chips and start to shuffle them, but instead, they shoot out all over the table.Always a head-turner. Good thing I play mostly online
  6. OK, I have no idea what's going on here... ...backing away from the thread slowly...
  7. Happy Birthday!!I'm new here - is pottery still the preferred gift??? (sw)JK! GL in the ME!
  8. Wasn't there one that went something like:A package came today. Can't tell you what it is. Well, maybe in a few weeks if it works out I'll tell you, but not right now.
  9. Keep 'em comming - it's the next best thing to being there. Maybe next year...Thanks Nutz!
  10. Me: AAhim: KKflop: QQQI just about doubled up on this hand, happened last night.
  11. Very respectable. We did that too - neither of us has had more than one partner. It's made for some interesting moments, but well worth it.Fight the good fight - you'll find a find someone who appreciates that. Best of luck to you for a happy marriage someday!
  12. "I spit on your grave" and "Sick: portraite of Bob Flannagan, supermasochist" need to be in there somewhere, but I'm not sure where
  13. These are the ones that I can think of before I go to bed:Tap water is much better from the bathroom faucet than the kitchen oneI will only eat tomatos on sandwiches and cooked in other dishes - I pick them out of saladsWhen eating chicken tenders, I have to split it down the middle where the fat strip is and pull off the rubber tab at the fat end (if I try to chew it and my teeth bounce off, it freaks me out)Pepsi is the absolute best when chilled to about 50 degrees (warmer than the fridge, colder than room temp)I hate iceFor the longest time, my default home alone dish was Uncle Ben's rice
  14. I could never seem to finish one. Took too much work to get a good ending.
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