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  1. I'm minus 10K + on Strippers , but more than make up for it on poker .
  2. Money just suxed out at the WSOP again. His 88 vs 66 on a board of 9,6,3, 66 bets 2k money puts him allin turn 8 river 3.
  3. Just think about the matsaul blowup or the Wining from Mr. I am the best if this chimp knocks one of them out!
  4. I believe that his mixed up plays will not make him the weakest player in the event. Even though he will most likely have his chips in with the worst of it most of the time.
  5. I got an email from Pokershare.com that says they are entering a Monkey into the WSOP ME this year. Also they claim this Monkey can play as well as Phil Helmuth, Jr.
  6. What a final table this is!!! looks like I'm going to be up until daylight for this one.
  7. Yes, i remember him winning that one and than going back to MIA again. Not this month though, he had a strong showing in TOC last week and now chip leader in event 5 with less than 40 left.
  8. DN is back after being MIA for 1.5 years.
  9. Great play and/or read in the blinds.
  10. Why did he lay 55 down when he correctly felt he had the best hand? The pot odds have made it an auto call.
  11. Working overtime and then trying to play poker has turned me into a railbird. GL
  12. Do your best to get a one of a kind set / Personalized or u could end up with more chips than cash.
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