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  1. Just wondering how much time you think Daniel plays online versus live...does anyone know?
  2. Why wouldn't you take it? you might be out the next hand...if its yours, grab it...and if you want show your hand.
  3. played 3/6 stud hi/lo 3 monthsplayed 5/10 stud hi/l0 3 months10/20 and stopped for awhile....6 monthsswitched to holdem5/10 1 year10/20 2 year20/40 2 year40/80 1 year
  4. Sklansky books are solid...i find better to find the best player you know, and I mean real good, and get tutored...only takes a couple of hours.
  5. Playing in tourney with AK in late position. I’m in 3rd, and BB is in 4th with 20 players left…I make a raise 3x blind, and he goes all in…If I call, I’m basically crippled, but probably have the best hand…do you make this call?
  6. Hey,Been playing Poker Syndicate a lot, who are the best high stake players on the site, 20-40 and up limit holdem.
  7. My girlfriend isn't a big fan of me playing poker online...so I go out for a bit with some friends and comeback to see that my girlfriend is playing poker on my account! Then, I see my account is down $300 from when I last left it... about 4 hours ago!I go to her, "What the beep are you doing?" She goes, I wanted to play some and be quiet, I'm doing really well in this tourney. She decided to play in this R&A and when i came back there were only like 80 people left out of 1000. I played with her the rest of the way and we made the final table so becasue of her I netted almost a grand for t
  8. Hey,Wanted to know who people thought is the hottest girl poker player out there today? Pro or amatuer that likes to play poker...
  9. Hey,Going to be playing in the WSOP and want to know if men and women have different tells...do women do anything different than men in giving away their hands? Anything I should look for all players? How do you minimize people getting a read on you in general?
  10. I won a satellite to the main event this week and I'm dreaming big!!! If Bernard Lee can do it, anyone can do it!! I just saw a press release that Bernard Lee is now sponsored by Poker Syndicate...Bernard was the guy who got 13th place last year in WSOP and is now writer for ESPN and Boston Herald....just goes to show you can take one opportunity and make it happen!!!
  11. Hey,I'm in the SB and early position player raised the hand and everyone folded to me...do I make the call with 89suited? Are the pot odds there with just that? Or am I just making a call and then folding if nothing hits?Then, if the flop comes 9 7 2, do you bet out or check raise, assuming BB is in hand...What about if it is J 8 3?Thanks for the tips!
  12. Hey,Playing hand yesterday and guy limps, raised, reraised, and then I cap the hand preflop. I have JJ in 20/40 limit holdem.Flop comes Q 4 5 rainbow...Check, bet, raise, and now it is up to me? Do I lay this down? Or are these guys bluffing me out of the hand....Turns out first guy had 88, the other guy 1010
  13. I'm an avid online player and just want to see if people think poker will lose its popularity on TV if the online industry totally gets banned...do you think the industry will still grow, or is the growth totally reliant on the online world, and all the satellites and so forth it offers. I'm not sure it can survive just on brick & mortar, or at least thrive....thoughts?
  14. $300 bones is not a lot of money....that's probably at highest a 2/4 bankroll...get it to about 1000 and then start thinking of moving up, but don't be suprsised to see you go right back down again since the stakes are higher
  15. just like most have said, coin toss means you have about a 50% chance of winning hand if ALL CARDS ARE SEEN....but if you have pp, and they have AK, then you are a strong faorite just on the flop...to win a tourney, you'll have to win a couple of 50/50 hands that can usually make or break your tourney...that's why it is so hard to win, need the skill, but some luck.
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