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  1. Judaism is not a major religion. It has fewer followers than Juche, the state-imposed religion of North Korea (if you can call it a religion). There are only about 15 millions Jews in the world, far fewer than the billions of Muslims and Christians.
  2. Limit and pot/no limit games play very differently. Does that warrant splitting the O8 forum into two new fora?
  3. Only 61% of the players in my database are losers.Care to define player?
  4. If SitnGos are more enjoyable and more profitable for you, then play SitnGos.
  5. Well, assuming God is omnipotent and omniscient, we can say that when God created the universe he knew exactly how everything would play out and he had the power to choose any future. This implies that God is, in fact, responsible for a million dollar coinflip result.
  6. The problem with pushing monsters preflop is that it's a pretty easy strategy to beat. Everyone should just fold if you enter a pot.
  7. Just because bad players play short stacks doesn't mean that playing a short stack makes you a bad player. Playing a full stack is not the only way to go.
  8. Buying in short is a good strategy.I have a question for you: if you buy in at $200, then why not get up once you hit $400? Or buy in for $400?It doesn't seem logical to buy in at $200 and stay until $700.
  9. Sitting down with less than full buy is not handicapping yourself; it's fine.
  10. If you're a breakeven player or worse, that line will be a horizontal line at 1.
  11. 1) rakeback (never had it, no clue how it works, but it's +EV, right?)Full Tilt has up to 27% rakeback. PokerStars has 0%. Bonuswhores says Full Tilt has had $300 reload bonuses about every two months. PokerStars has had $120 about every three months.2) easy to multi-tableFull Tilt hogs more resources (or so I've heard; it works fine for me). A nice feature of Full Tilt is that you can have it put you at the bottom of each table (PAHud is compatible with this feature too). PokerStars has resizable windows, which is great.3) poker tracker compatible (preferably without the aid of a handgrabber,
  12. Be a good human being and tell the person you can see his cards.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I think. Have you played many hands shortstacked at PLO8? It would be interesting to develop detailed shortstack strategies for other games. A problem with PLO8/NL08 is the relative smallness of preflop edges. Unlike hold 'em, where you can be an 80/20 favorite, most edges in O8 are 60/40ish or smaller. However, if people play poorly enough on the flop, then it doesn't matter much. Do you know your standard deviation per 100 hands playing shortstacked so far?Unfortunately, pokertracker's calculation of standard deviations isn't correct. I believe I read somewhere t
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