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  1. about my whole breaking your legs thing i take that back you know why...because you people dont relize who you are talking to i cant punish you for being ignornat its like cutting off a cats tounge cause it begs for food it just aint right....bye
  2. i just hope some day you all can be as happy as i am ...than you could get a taste of heaven on earth...
  3. No No no No No and no and you know what it doesnt matter cause in the future i will get a chance to do all those things but what im saying is i know what im capable of it cant really be explained its like the who world opend up to me in 1 second on what i was ment to do sounds stupid to yuo huh id think that to if i was a person with no talent not to be rude but i think some people are chosen by god to do certain things and i am one of those people and 99.9 percent of the people that respond to me are the peopel that god has not chosen to be great... but to some up my post i will say that i
  4. to be honest i dont have a rolemodel cause i dont think anybody is beter i am my own rolemodel i was put on this earth to be the best NL tournoment player to ever walk gods land and i need to make sure i fullfill my destiny which is simply to be the best nl tourney player ever i love saying that ...anyway all of you should look up to me to be quite honest cause i know how to live life
  5. little do you know im not just some lucky kid that is on a streak and cocky i am the real deal ...actually i am lucky for the gifts god gave me in poker so i am lucky in that regard but ya ive said it before il say it again im a poker playing god literaly i hate to brag but when you are as good as me and have the potential to be the greatest ever by far than u have to brag
  6. no im not big or tuff at all but i dont let bullshit pass and im honest when i say if i found out who any of you were somehow than i would do something it depends on how i feel that day..again im not tuff but if i was to come in contact with one of you internet tuff guys i would beat u with some sort of blunt object thats for sure actually id confront u and if u didnt apolozize than i would for sure get revenge
  7. douchebag..you have been saying ban in every thread stfu u bald peice of trash
  8. typical b.s from a douchebag what cause i want the globe that makes steave my rolemodel lmao at this peice of dog ****
  9. if you were more like me when u were my age than you would be a millionare by now....working a regular job i rather blow my brains out
  10. i created this sn so all the punks and low lifes in this site wouldnt think it was me cause useually people who wana be somebody are all on this forum lmao so if i have that sn than ill blend in...oh well **** this sn ill have my topdollar one back soon anyway and if that gets blocked ill get another ...ill keep comeing back and back and back...like i do on the table until the chips are mine lol
  11. your calling me a moron huh....you calling me a moron is like a fish calling a shark small makes no sense and who gives a **** about yor opinion anyway
  12. thank you for a normal reply...atleast i know someone here is capable of a response that doesnt involve childs play
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