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  1. just got a double up.in for my last bullseye.good luckedit, and another.. above average now.. giddy up
  2. i lov e the guy, but what the ****s up with him not nailing petra (famke janssen).and why is the pokerbay.org not working?
  3. the book 'man behind the shades is good'
  4. change your username to Drawing Dead In Life, and then sit on your fat *** and wait for more failures.
  5. it annoys the everloving **** out of me.he doesnt know what that guy had in the hand in the last wsop me.kowboy koop is generally right, and in this case he def is.daniel doenst do it to get a read, he does it when the hand is over like a kid that desperately wants to be right 100% of the time. i knew iti knew it i knew itits called a know it all. lol
  6. whoever thinks this funny should be shot in the face
  7. 1. i think it does take away from reading your opponent. you dont get to see him bet, check or watch his general demeanor on the hand. you just shove in hoping he hasnt got anything.2. your an ar$e hole for assuming i make decisions so i can proud beamly about them. i like reacting, not acting. like a ****ing buddhist.3. dont take didactic lines with people that are writing there opinion.karwash kunt
  8. i see it a lot in tournaments. for example, a player calls a raise with 88 on the bb and then pushes in on the flop. mainly done cos its 2 to 1 to hit a pair in holdem on the flop. so you assume that your oppenent misses and get him to pass without a showdown.a lot of players also make this play with nothing when the board comes low. assuming you have high cards and would have to make a very tough call.i saw a very good player 'mafews' do it on the $1000 event on stars. it was very deep..he called a late position raise and then moved in on a 9 high flop, the late raiser had 9T and called.mafew
  9. in 8. of live tells, you mention the steeple hand position.this hand position in front of the face indicates power, i read it in a non poker related body language book.i know a lot of tells, but think players should earn em at the table.here's some, when a players eating and gets in a hand, he has it.when a player is shaking his leg frantically, he has it.normally when a novice clears there throat on a hand, say three diamonds flop and they clear their throat, id assume they had it until proven otherwise.rubbing chest, he has it. alternatively, she wants to ****.
  10. what im saying is that the whole premise behind the show is that you have to be 1 of the best to be on there. im not saying she cant play, im just saying if they want to claim this is some sort of a seeded pro set up, you cant invite celebrities.
  11. the best of the best, plus MIMI ****ing ROGERS, thats just embaressing.its like kirsten dunst playing at wimbledon.also i see ron rose playing. i love it when people win a tournament and say"im not gonna join the tour, im gonna stick with..... (day job)."BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. last night, i had $1900 in a poker site, european site called ladbrokes.i sit at 6 handed 10 20 NL (the highest ive played), after a while its h u. disclaimer - i know im gambling.my opponent....> Dealing Hole Cards > allshookup called for $10> Zelena bet for $80> allshookup called for $80> Dealing the Flop(6s 4d 4h )> Zelena bet for $160> allshookup called for $160> Dealing the turn(8h )> Zelena bet for $400> allshookup called for $400> Dealing the river(5c )> Zelena went all-in for $1,295.14> allshookup went all-in for $1,014.54> Extra chips returned
  13. i love him. i honestly think he makes me money.who gives a ****
  14. dont listen to this bullshit about different waysd to play it, you played the hand perfect and just got very ulgl in the future
  15. hi, im thinking of doing a season in canada british coloumbia, whistler (skiing)we're from london. just checked out the GBP to canada dollar and it's £10 to $21.50which is pretty good, provided things arent too expensive in canada.me and my friend are trying to think of items to look on canadian ebay, but we basically want to know how much jaegerbombs are, and beer, and prices of food in a restaurant etc.and a place to stay, how much is it to stay in the chalets? ASND ARE THERE ANY CARD ROOMS NEAR BY????????????????????thanks for any help.any other info or tips would be great
  16. if you want to rea dan immense book go buy the hustler by walter tevisthen buy teh follow up, the color of money.do it, DO it
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