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  1. phil has 9 WSOP bracelets all in holdem including a main event title that should be proof enough
  2. until daniel accomplishes all the things phil has there should be no question who is better. Just for the record daniel you actually are one of my favorite players
  3. i think phil hellmuth is a good poker playeri am now public enemy number 1
  4. well he won the heads up poker championship and was 3rd in the TOC and you won in tunica you cant honestly say that you had a better 2005 then him
  5. phil hellmuth is a second tier player???sorry but phil hellmuth is a much better player then daniel right now at least
  6. absolute poker has always been the best for me full of donks
  7. come on frank the tank have just one15 min later...FRANK THE TANK FRANK THE TANK
  8. how about the amount of chips they had at the end they cant change some of those i mean john had at least 700 chips
  9. how about when a 10 year old asks you to teach him how to play cards and you ask why and he tells u he lost 80 bucks playing omaha hi/lo
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