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  1. Are you guys still mean when anyone outside your little clique posts in here?I used to be so offended.
  2. 76clubs

    The Hideout

    It's been months since I've played poker. I think I'll hit the play money sit n gos.
  3. 76clubs

    The Hideout

    It amazes me every time I log on here (which is roughly once a year) how little everything has changed. Pretty crazy stuff.Hope all is well for everyone!
  4. Well, I'm done harassing you bitches.Go back to the gay orgy or whatever it is that usually goes on in here.And you stay classy FCP.
  5. 76clubs


    Grand Master Dutch will strike fear into the hearts of the weak.
  6. toucheI wish I could even have the basement. I'm still stuck in a ****ing tiny *** room.
  7. Glad to see nothing has changed. Does half of the forum still live in their parents basements, too?
  8. Lucky for me it's technically wednesday by now. Byah.
  9. Is everyone that posts in this thread still an arrogant prick?Just checking.
  10. 76clubs


    I was never good at piano, but it taught me music theory. I think it's a lot easier to learn things like what notes make up a D minor (the saddest of all keys) chord on piano than any other instrument.
  11. 76clubs


    When it comes to Rock, Blues, etc., the pentatonic scale is the best scale to learn. Don't get ahead of yourself though. Learn all the basics, then learn how to do bar chords. I think it's best to learn piano first.Start with something easy. I'd reccomend something by Chet Atkins.
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