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  1. Matusow just lost about 7k with 10 9
  2. just click the table from the chart, the pop up will come up to close it, but just leave it open and the table will eventuall open, just move the box out of the way.
  3. good win man.... couldnt chat but i was there
  4. So what do u want some dudes out there.....
  5. Hahaha.You get a mail in rebate on that shit.....
  6. gl man, im watching but cant chat besides my PS account is dead broke
  7. That wasnt too much of a bad beat against freddy, it was bad but freddy cant really fold his KK there....can he?
  8. he still playing, and if he is what table
  9. Sorry guys didnt realize it was out there, u can kill this thread now..
  10. heres a link to the articlehttp://pokernews.com/news/2005/11/daniel-n...u-wynn-part.htm
  11. Not sure if this is a repeat thread, but any word on if their split is true. Read it on a searched website on the 25th of November. Sorry if this was already out there, but wanted to know what happened.
  12. In a home cash game or a bar cash game, if my buddies are there were usually there with a few buddies so we play just straight up against eachother, but in a casino where we usually play at a higher limit we usually dont get involved in too many hands together and if we do and we get it to heads up we either check it down or bet like 20 or 30 a card.
  13. The point is that by readjusting your startegy to fit the game(as any good player will and should do) you can make a decent amount off the people who don't(you when you didnt kno what game you were playing? and look how much they scored off you).its still a stupid game though..its horrible. If the point of the game is to sit there and wait for someone to sit down and think hes playing regular holdem for a few hands so that you can "trick" him out of his money, then its even more ridiculous.Yea that is pretty shady...
  14. 2nd in a 350, 10$ on empire and 7th on a 500 30$ on empire
  15. agree, but NL is just so much more exciting.
  17. Matusow deserves to be on the list, but right now its Phil hands down
  18. i hope that guy already qualified, because that was probably the stupidest thing i have ever seen be4, all in with Q9 and the big stack already raised. Well gl File, ill see u at the final table hopefully.
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