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  1. Does void mean they are done? If we want can we continue for more prize money or do they just cancel everything?
  2. I am deep in a PLO tourney medium stack and deep in a HE tourney low stack. Is there any way I can profit here?
  3. Yeah it said 3 minutes but mine is still screwed. Do you get your buy in back for this?
  4. Hello All, Been out of the game for a while doing real work. Noticed the negreanu open is up and running, some of you may remember me for continuing to draw out which led to final tabling in one of my two appearances. Did Pokerstars change their policy on depositing since I've been away? My credit cards have been declined. How does everyone else deposit? Well, it looks like ill be out tonight unles anyone can float me 11 dollars on there. I would really like to play obviously and look forward to the weeks to come. Username celtic020 on stars. Some of you may also remember me
  5. It wasnt on the river, it was on the flop if I remember correctly. And as soon as that flop came out my jaw dropped, what as sick feeling for Barry.
  6. Speedz, you would censored about a free blow job because you have to undo your own zipper. What a censored pessimist!!! :!:Hey...I work all day long, I shouldn't have to unzip myself.HAHAHA....very funny.
  7. So far, it seems to me that Daniel is getting slaughtered in this game due to some tough beats. So far Ive seen three 100,000+ pots that Daniel has lost (one to Eli, one to Farha, and one to Greenstein). Does anyone know his total loss for the game so far? Seems like he is playing pretty well but has lost a few big pots on oudraws. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  8. Im jealous, too. This guy is in Vegas with Dan Marino drinking fine wine, playing poker, and meeting Phil Ivey (who looked really enthusiastic by the way) and im stuck playing the local 5 10 game in the bad neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Very nice, man. Looks like you had a lot of fun and met tons of cool people.
  9. Ill admit to not playing 100 200, or even 40 80. But I have consistently won at 10 20 and 15 30. But hell, here is my two cents since everyone gave theirs. I have no problem with any of the preflop play, but I wouldnt have limped in the first place. (However, If I had limped, I would have called the pf raise. As for the action after the flop, I think a fold is clearly the best option. A guy comes out firing in early position, your bottom pair is probably no good, and even if it is good, you would have to put in a lot more bets given the preflop action to find out. If the OP had a st
  10. Hey Speedz, how far away from Vegas in Pheonix. Im moving there shortly and am trying to get an idea. Thanks. Oh yeah, and the quad aces...nice hand.
  11. Saw him in Vegas playin with Ivey and Farha a few months ago, not sure what game or stakes though....but it had to be pretty high considering the company at the table.
  12. Worst downswing of my life happened within a half hour on stars. In the 20 dollar 180 person SNG i had AA against KK and K on river. Then in the 33 plus rebuy with not many people left I had AK of clubs and flopped a flush, some guy went runner runner for a boat. Then, in a 10 dollar NL tourney very late in the tournament i flopped middle set and got it all in on the flop against bottom set. You guessed it, that beautful one outter came on the river and I went broke. That was a nice cap to an awful half hour of poker. I took like two weeks off after that day.
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