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  1. Got JP & Vanessa now at FT. Also PH, and JRB... not sure if they get points. Bonomo just busted in the HU vs. Mike Sexton.
  2. I'm guessing 2K/4K. Guy 1 raises to 15K, guy 2 calls, you make it 40K, flop, you shove for 365 BB. That's the way I buildt my roll, too...
  3. Damn, for some reason I didn't account for ME and One Drop tourneys, mistakingly thought they don't count... they just don't count for the 1% prize. Have to email and change.Haven't been here forever, Daniel just brought me back via his blog. Thanks a lot Daniel, great promotion and will be so much more fun to watch all the FTs this year.Best of luck to you this year!
  4. Sad, Sad news Anyone who ever smoked his strain will agree.The Hemperor, Jack Herer has DiedBonnie King Salem-News.comThe global cannabis community mourns the loss of the great Jack Herer.The one and only Jack Herer will be missed forever.(SALEM, Ore.) - The sad news has been confirmed. Jack Herer, author of Emperor Wears No Clothes and renowned around the world for hemp activism, has died at 11:17 a.m. today, in Eugene, Oregon.Jack Herer suffered a heart attack last September just after speaking on stage at the Portland HempStalk festival. The last seven months have proven to be a huge chall
  5. At least we know now that Robin HAD to go last episode. Even if Eli had delivered nothing she had to go. Can you imagine her in the Bocuse challenge? Lol, I did and it was embarrassing for all parties involved...
  6. Was called "The Boat That Rocked" in Europe. Downloaded the torrent in September... I guess it's time to watch it...
  7. The funny thing is, Cameron's movies are always SO EXPENSIVE, SO EFX DRIVEN but in the end the technology never matters, he always tells a great story, that's why his movies always score.
  8. I understand the "only 4 episodes" commitment. That show is EXfokkinPENSIVE! You don't want to spend 200mm without testing it first. Solid enough for me so far, watched every episode of the original when it was on so I'm pre-biased. EFX are surprisingly good for TV. Hope the story pans out. I mean, why do the V's have to "infiltrate" humanity? Based on their tekkmology shown so far, they could just wipe out everyone human and say thanks... Do we have to like them to taste good? I sure hope so...But I really really want to have interspecies relations with Anna.
  9. I don't know about the "Inspirational" Casinos the producers picked. Circus Circus? Excalibur? Really? Why not "Randy's Shithole" ...or... BINIONS instead? It's not like the Paris, Rio or Luxor could fuel some creativity...Just disappointed in my J-girl. Hope she snaps out of it. But sure looks like a Voldouchio/McGingerbeard finale.
  10. Thanks a lot for the info. Just checked out their website. Will go there for sure. Too bad, just missed him "live" on OCT.27...You have a weird name...WomanDeadChildren? FrenchCarTenChildren? WifeCarTenKids?
  11. My top 3 docs are:CRUMB about the cartoonist Robert Crumb and his twisted family.Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse About Coppola's making of Apocalypse Now.Little Dieter Needs to Fly Werner Herzog at his best. He later made the movie Rescue Dawn based on Dieter's story.
  12. 1st, Don't ever knock my lover! I figured out what it is....That Voice...so, I'm aural, sue me But lets review:AC/DCVOUCHEGruffy McGingerbeardFuture Mother Of My ChildrenNot in the Same ELeagueLEAVE! WHY DON'T YOU FOKKIN LEAVE?!Those menu's all look great. I'd want to eat at all those places (and Jennifer...DOWN BOY!! DOWN!!!)QUIZ: Who on the list doesn't run a kitchen?
  13. Me, too. Schadenfreude anyone? Also, next time I'm in Atlanta I will be going to Ginger Adams' Restaurant. Jennifer needs to be in the final, just so I can oogle her on every episode.. That crooked smile... I don't know what it is, but I LOVE HER!
  14. Jeep, 1st off, I'm not begging. I want to make a simple trade. Where are the "how to get money on Stars" people when you need them? As I said, was supposed to get check today, and I would only do this as a last resort... oh well, it was worth a try. my Caddi is pretty comfy
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