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  1. I know it was upi just didnt see it getting any attention. I know it would be hard work but i do believe it can be done i enough parties want to be involved
  2. well im not too sure about the exact work phoenix but i imagine it would be something like organizing sign ups, collecting buy ins setting up schedules and deadlines and deal with any problems that may arise
  3. not sure if one person would be willing to do all the work. but the point is mute unless more people show interest
  4. I was wondering if there is interest there for the heads up league. I know that the support from pokerstars wont be there like from fcp but i think that it still can be done if the interest is there. My questions are would there be changes wanted from the old format such as buy in, amount of teams, playoff format, etc? How many would actually play and who would be willing to try and put this together? I would be willing to get the ball rolling but I know that it is too much for one person to do.
  5. I ordered the nexgens about a year ago and they are great. They are prob the best bang for your buck. I am really happy with them. They feel like clay chips and the metal insert doesn't make noise. The chips stack really nicely and will last a long time. I recommend the nexgens if you want nice chips without having to spend a lot of money on a set
  6. I would play if is a low buy in. Also I think it would be a good idea to have a poll of where people would like to play and if they want it to be a single elimnation.
  7. okay brabz. I sent my 10 dollars.Stars sn: SFkid07FCP sn: SFkidBracket name: SFkid Bracket
  8. Stein I never got the ten from the the last longer from the 3rd event wed.
  9. IQ's Rules- Every rotation one person MUST shove, and one person MUST call.- You cannot overcall, even if you find yourself holding AA after one person has called.- If it is shoved and folded to you in the BB with no other callers, you MUST call.- If it's folded to you in the SB without a shover - SB MUST shove, BB MUST call.- If a short stack is forced all in, one person may isolate with a shove - you cannot overcall even if short stacked and in the blinds yourself.- If two short stacks are forced all in, nobody else may participate in the hand.GLpw is fcpfcp
  10. sounds good to me. anyone else want to get in on the first last longer?
  11. I created the skipaments for tonight. The usual format. Any one up for some LL?
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