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  1. I noticed the number of players dropped from 49,xxx to 44,xxx after the problem, but now its back up to 45,xxx so maybe the issue is resolving???
  2. Haha...sorry guys..no spam here. I've just been lurkin' for a long time.I guess my real question was..how do the chips feel? The sound? Quality? Things like that....I'm open to other chip brands. I just found a 1000 chip set with acrylic case and racks for $150 and it seemed like a good deal. But it's the 8000 series, not the 8002's.Thanks for the input thus far.
  3. Looking at another chip set and want opinions on the different varities out there.Specifically..are the NEXGEN 8000 Series any good? I don't need anything super fancy or expensive. Just want something better than the generic dice chips that everyone else has.Thanks in advance.
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