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  1. Wow. You have to be the best drunk typer ever.
  2. Im sorry but i mean cmon. The guy obviously is good, just from hearing what the people around you are saying, but everyone plays like a donk from time to time. He got lucky, and then he settled down and outplayed you. Why go on tilt? Realize hes a player and ****ing play cards.I used to get mad when i got outplayed but then i realized i wasnt 4 anymore so i learned from my experiences. Pussy
  3. no he probably hit the best hand possible and wanted to tell everyone about it. i mean good lord it was .50 - 1.00, so its not like hes was at a large risk to chase the royal.
  4. no strippersand sleep moreand dont listen to smash...hes just angry cause his world of warcraft character is level 60 and he has all the armor and weapons and now he has nothing to do
  5. a chess tourney.buuuuuuuuuuurned lol...and yes the good ol days are back...the days where i was just a lurker and not a poster....had some good times reading the flame wars.
  6. YES YES YES!!!!Thanks to FC2000 for railing...you now have a new friend....Anyway, it was tough but i pulled it out WIRE TO WIRE...i was chip leader with about 210 left and never looked back.This is my first MTT victory, and man is it sweet.Seems like im making a big deal out of a 645 buck score, but hey its the biggest score ive ever had! Thanks again guys.im going to bed...
  7. Take it down and join the masses who have scored an MTT victory after joining FCP. We've got to be up to like 3,492 people on this board with a victory.Im trying. These two guys are tough...well one is .....the other is just folding to second place it seems. This wont be easy.
  8. Final FourChip leader, as i have been this whole tourney....
  9. wow... i am seriously donking it up.... im not going to lieit feels good to suck out on someone instead of being on the other end of it..... :oops:
  10. Pardon the ignorance, but what is PR? And what team do you speak of? PM with details and ill see if im interested...Thanks for railing. Now i gotta belly up to the table and play.
  11. Yeah i honestly dont think these people know what sarcasm is....its pretty sad. I guess they think they are going to put me on tilt or something.....???? Its good fun though.Hopefully my 100th post will be about me final tabling it....
  12. Anyone else in this?With less than 85 left, im chip leader. Winner takes down 600 or so.Someone come rail me!SN: HeathDash
  13. i mean my question is how often does a single pair win in this situation? i think a check fold would have been the best play...you had to think he min raised just because either he knew you would pay him off or that he would get a cheap showdown with a lower flush......i think i would have called though
  14. o good lord i did that at a home game two months ago....tourneyfour people in the handim first to actriver completes broadway: i immediately move inTWO FOLDone calls and we laugh our asses offthen one of the donks that folded calls my all in AK with AJ and spikes a Jsigh
  15. the "feather in your cap?"how gayits so funny about how people brag about "internet fame" only to realize that their real life sucks and that no one cares what you do on the internet....so youre a mod on a poker forum? and you write about it in your blog? big deal....i just hope that this place doesnt get like the 2+2 forums and have all creative license thrown out...my 2 centsbtw, custom you may just be trying to do your job, or you may be a douche on a power trip, i dont care....just dont jew it up ok? this place is good as it is and very informative while also being civil (for the most
  16. nice to hear someone is having fun while in my cold streak...btw the peppermill was the first casino i ever played in....holds a special place in my heart. my first live tourney ever was there. 80+ people, i busted 11th not knowing what i was doing....ahh good times....now back to the cold deck that is killing me....
  17. im not going to even read the other posts...CONAN HANDS DOWNANY LATE NIGHT SHOWperiodive said my peace
  18. Wow i mean really... I know Hachem had two over cards and the nut flush draw, but at that moment he had NOTHING. How do you call off your chips in a tourney with Ace high? Thats sounds like a donkey play to me...the arieh fold was alot better. I personally think the guy who folded the set of 10's after the flop during the WSOP circuit was the best ive ever seen....(sw)
  19. yeah man nice score.but you sure got the best of it. that was a great chop for sure.congrats again
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