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  1. I think its what your comfortable with. I usually play high so it shouldn't matter what stakes/tourney I am playing.
  2. Lost a race AK vs shortstacks TT... down to 2900, ahhh, thats more like it.
  3. 4845 at 1st break... I still suck though, don't ever forget it.
  4. Im in... buttsauce33Maybe I can do better than my 2644th in the Stars 530WOOOHOOO
  5. blinds 600-1200... I push 12.6k in the CO with AQ, sb calls... AA gg meout in 95th, goooooo GRINDER!
  6. Wont matter... should be out sooon....
  7. Grinder - Bodog is all F'ed up... its crashed on me twice. I'm actually kind of worried it will mess with the FT 200k, and my Conquest satelite.Keep up the good work.
  8. 13.5k at break.Just lost a race to a shortstack with 88 vs KQ... blehhh
  9. Wow a guy really misplayed KK vs me....I made it 600 to go with AK... folds to BB, he reraises it to 1200, he has 2500 left... I call the 600... flop comes A63, he pushes, I call.Up to 9500
  10. Up to 6335.Doubled with 99 vs KQ on QT9 flop.He turned J.I rivered J.
  11. 2095 at break...Got shut out the hand before break with KcQc on a JsTc8d board. Would been nice to slam the nuts and double up before the break, but god forbid that ever happen.Won two hands for that first hour. Both preflop, fun times.
  12. If a chip leader this early gets moved to my table, I just assume he sucks. Either that, or he's had a sick run of cards.Very good point.
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