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  1. You're severely overestimating the mods on here. They are people without a life who have nothing better to do than complain about post placement and pointing out how"cool" they are for finding any random thread. The question is how do you become a mod? Can anyone perhaps come up with a questionaire that the mods fill out b4 entering their mod-dom. Theirs alot of clever people on here, so this should be interesting. Discuss.
  2. Cue the "hit by a bus" references.................................................................now.
  3. Congrats, Your dictatorship is now complete. Time to bar the doors before the gestapo come. Should of listened to Mao when he said democracy wouldn't last. :bubble_bye:Figured I'd edit it b4 hand and save you the time.
  4. Hamburger... The Motion PictureI loved this movie. I wish there was a way I could get this on dvd.
  5. I've got a more interesting point than the whole should we ban guns debate. Why the hell were there 12 cops hiding behind bushes outside the building as you could count off 29 shots going off inside the building? How many lives could have been saved without those 29 shots going off?
  6. I'm always one to take Daniel to task for things he writes that I disagree with, but I gotta say I'm 100% with him on this one. You lose, you pay. Crying is optional, paying what you owe isn't.
  7. You may not choose to be a drug addict, but you choose to first try the drug. Therefore, IMO it's not a disease, it's an addiction.
  8. I'd agree in terms of Season 1 and 2, but DN hasn't really "stolen the show" if you will, on season 3. Seemed kind of like a depressed version of himself, Daniel on Prozac.
  9. I just can't seem to see how relating/comparing terrorism to American Idol could seem rational. It's like saying the guy who cut in front of me in line at the supermarket reminded me of the evil that was Hitlers reprehensible deeds towards the Jewish people. The scales are just waaaay different. The fact is that the people that are sabotaging Idol are pointing out the fact that the viewers were already sinking the show. It's not a talent contest anymore, it's a popularity contest. Jesus christ man, Clay Aiken was a FINALIST!!!!!!
  10. logic411


    Simply put, religion is a means to control the masses. It helps people cope with their simple lives and keeps them from blowing their heads off by believing that there's "something better" in the afterlife. Most people lead pointless, unfulfilled lives, riding along to their meaningless jobs, all the while convincing themselves theres a "master plan". But what the hey, I used to believe in Santa Claus when I was younger. Carry on Christian soldiers.
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