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  1. I got invited because one of the guys knows another guy I used to play some home games with. The guy I know wouldn't have told me about it if it wasn't legit.
  2. I haven't played much 'serious' NL in my life to be honest (anything more than 50 bucks on the table is kinda serious to me). I've played a lot of casino poker, but always low fixed-limit games.I've played 1/2 NL about 3 hours total in the casinos. I've played a lot of home games, mostly sitngo's & 1/2 NL games for small stakes. I've always faired well and held my own.Tonight I'm going to a new home game.. 1/2 NL.. max 200 buy-in. It's going to be sorta short handed, 4 other people besides me I think. I have never played with ANY of these guys. Never even talked to them. Just got an invit
  3. The nearest casino was 1hr 20 min away when I was in college. There were nights when we got back in to town at 7:30, parked, and went straight to an 8am class.
  4. For what it's worth, Harrah's book is pretty nice and right near the poker room (where you can play 3/6 and get hammered).
  5. It annoys the hell out of me when someone quotes the whole post just to say "awesome".
  6. If those are your choices, I'd go for MGM. When I was there, it definitely had a younger crowd that the others (and Studio 54 has tons of smoking hot ladies!). It is also serviced by the monorail which can get you up the strip to Harrah's (and in the area of Venetian, Mirage, etc) quicker than walking & cheaper than a cab.
  7. List of people I enjoy watching:Chan (but seems incredibly tight and didn't provide much action in the episodes I saw)IveyDNFarhaMatusowAntonioJenBrad Booth (because I REALLY want him to donk off half a million - though it doesn't seem likely)ElezraDoyleToddBarryLindgrenSheiky (though he really irritates me sometimes)People I don't like watching:David WilliamsChris FergusonDaniel AlaeiWasickaTrencherD'AgostinoAntoniusPhil Laak
  8. Well said. One of my friends had his bachelor party in Biloxi. No telling how long we sat there (all of us ready to go) while he played blackjack. We're not talking just 30 or 40 minutes either. It was enough for me to get in a 3 hour poker session and STILL come back and have to wait on him. At least half of the people on the trip didn't play poker & didn't gamble much in general.. so there was a lot of grumbling.
  9. Again.. I say this with complete disregard to the Phil Ivey situation...Saying that it is okay to lie about your handicap just blows my mind.Where do you draw the line on trying to gain an edge? There's no rule that says you have to stand any certain place while your opponent putts, but would you stand right over him breathing down his neck to gain an edge? Would you jump up and down like a clown to try and distract him? Would you scream right during his backswing? Would you intentionally make spike marks (which under USGA rules cannot be repaired by your opponent) in his putting line?
  10. Well said. The night before college graduation my roommate's dad took everyone to Rendezvous (about 14 of us), then gave us his credit card and told us to hit the town. Needless to say we had a blast on Beale. I'm hoping we hit up Rendezvous again when I go back in 3 weeks...
  11. Ahh... I lived in Mississippi for 6 years & spent many many hours in Tunica! I'd recommend going to the Horse Shoes / Gold Strike. They are the two best poker rooms (along with the Grand) and right next door to each other. You can literally walk from one to the other in just a few minutes.My friend runs a small poker website dedicated to poker in the area. He keeps a schedule of tournaments there:http://www.midsouthpoker.com/CasinoTourneys.htmlIt may or may not be accurate. To be sure, give the casino a call and ask for the poker room. The floor staff is usually very friendly and willing t
  12. So if I say "let's flip this quarter for $100..."You say: "Ok.. is it a real, normal quarter?"I say: "yep! I call heads"I flip it and it lands on heads. you pick it up and see that both sides are actually heads. are you going to pay me? of course not. Same scenario...
  13. Obviously most of us don't know the whole story.. so I have no comment on that in particular.However, in one of these threads, DN said even if someone lies about their handicap, they should still be paid when they win.I couldn't disagree more. Lying about your handicap in golf is simply cheating. Anyone who says that is ok shows a real lack of character and integrity.
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