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  1. What's the name of the asian poker player who's always shouting "Professional!" when he wins a hand?
  2. You guys are right. I apologize. I am way outta line here.
  3. lolI was going to claim someone would accuse me of pretending to joke when i replied but I figured that would be too obvious.Get outside, get some sun. And i'm not a sir... thank you very much.
  4. Just watch PAD.SickeningNow its time to get to posting some more trolling threads.Lol
  5. durr....you guys are so brilliantsucked you all in againlets see if i can get banned againlol
  6. After reading the thread about the whole phil ivey golf hustling incident i went and read ram's response. I noticed that no one else responded to the fact that ram called DN's integrity into question, as did Antonius, and accused him of cheating at PL omaha by dealing himself an extra card.I just don't see DN doing this. Seems like an honest and decent guy to me. Anyone else out there with me?
  7. "I summon the dark wizard of elder's tower to strike down your wild orc of the damned! Be gone biotch!"
  8. Oh ****! I better return the gift i got my girlfriend for our 3 yr anniversary.
  9. good to see that she took that first $300 paycheck and used it to buy in to a satellite. a true degenerate.
  10. Most annoying pros of all time:1. Hellmuth2. Sheik3. Tony G (but his comments are hilarious)4. Hitler (unbeatable at NL five card draw i've heard)
  11. Anyone watch PAD last night and see Sheiky talking **** on Allen Cunningham and Matusow? What the hell is this guy's problem? Has he done anything worth noting beside cashing in the wsop three years ago? I personally think he makes Mike the Mouth look like Einstein and wish someone would punch him in the throat. Who's with me?
  12. I used to play on doylesroom and when it closed they did offer the option of transferring your money to fulltilt free of charge. Unfortunately it was a limited time offer (if i remember correctly). You should try to contact doylesroom support if it's still possible. There should be a way to get your money. It's yours and they have no right to deny you access to it, regardless of what's happening with online poker right now.
  13. no one folds top pair at the $1/$2 level. Period. No matter what the board, what the kicker, out of position or not...etc.
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