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  1. Ya? it looks nothing like the pokerstars checks, the perfuration looks ridiculous, no bank account number...haha looked like an absolute joke(no pun intended) And wtf is with the 8 buck fee for a check, pokerstars are free and arrive so quick. Allinall pissed off by absolute poker.
  2. Hey has anyone seen these goddamn checks. They straight up look printed on a white piece of paper. They don't even have a bank account number on them only a routing number. Am i going to have a problem getting this check cashed?? the lady at the bank said she wasnt sure what to do and said shed talk to her manager and give me a call. What the hell do i do if this doesnt clear?? haha
  3. Player in MP1 was loose reckless...even stating he likes to play everything. Hes made several bluffs and has been in many pots. His stack has been on a constant rise and fall. I felt he had possible smaller two pair or lesser flush draw. Late position player was playing fairly conservative playing his large preflop hands very hard. I was thrown off because I havent seen him play like this in the previous hour or two we were playing. I was thinking it was something like KJ or K10...top pair and he wanted to get his money in good against opponents who he thought he was ahead of since noone raise
  4. 1/2 nl holdem- stack size 275ish....mp1 has about 500 and late position has about 400.A8 of clubs in small blind...few limps i complete. Flop is Kc 8s 4c. I lead out for 12, mp1 raises to 25, and late position makes it 45. What would you do here? I thought i could push at this point knowing i am behind but probably have a healthy amount of outs. I decided to call however? (Bad play? Good play?) Turn is the Aspades. So now i have two pair...How do we play it from here? I checked, mp1 bet 40, late position made it 120. Geez is there many people that consider folded here. I decided Aces up and nu
  5. He folded obviously since he couldn't make the allin bluff.
  6. im around to play this sunday if someone wants to throw me a stake....its erocdaparty(FCP)
  7. I puked a little in my mouth....."Annie i was hoping you could help me get him back"Annie: "Sure what did you have in mind?""Would you have sex with me?"
  8. Mmmm Jimmy Fricke...Ive seen him in person and i must say.....hes got some fabulous back titties. i would love to motorboat in them.
  9. haha boston fans still sore that he went to the evil side? u guys are up huge- be happy for a change
  10. ill be a horsehaha edit....thought u were looking for horses. oops
  11. where do you guys play in the city? id be down for a game sometime over the summer.
  12. since when r u in scarsdale ny? im originally from hastings-bout 10/15 minutes away. but i got an apartment in Ct for school and spend most of my time there. might be home this weekend however. And ya im def. down with the avatar.
  13. defending the button? i dont know if you have to do this kind of play....i want people to be attacking my button because when i have suited connectors, small pairs, and even big hands i see a lot of flops with these people. Here is my reasoning: 1 they are going to continuation(most of the time)- so if you hit smooth call blah blah etc. 2 Say youre just not hitting and seeing those flops. Player starts to think you are weak and will do it more often with weaker hands and think he can push you off even if you call the flop- this can lead to winning a huge hand when you opponent has a weak
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