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  1. so i've always played on pp, obviously can't now, is stars gonna shut down soon as well or should i go ahead and make an account and start donkin?
  2. I have a 27' widescreen flatscreen tv i am using as a computer monitor. Do any of you guys know how i can change an option or something so that i can 4 table without any overlap? thanks, any help is appreciated.
  3. i think dn and wendell are gay for each other
  4. why is everybody on this forum so negative?he wasn't that bad, i thought it was fun to watch...............**** gold
  5. just got off the phone with charter and they don't know what the hell is going on. the guy says that channel 842 doesn't even say wsop me but on my box it does. the supervisor is supposed to be calling me back. this sux, maybe i should study anyway
  6. not getting it either, just a black screen i have charter in stl
  7. he just dominated a pot with q6, nice time to catch a heater
  8. what do u guys think about the new pp software/ tourney structures. ive only played singles but i'm playing in a multi here in 30 minutes.
  9. That was about the most offensive thing I found in thatwhole post.You don't call a suited king from the SB?...you should.PEOPLE, THIS THREAD HAS UNINTENTIONALLY BROUGHT A PERFECT FARRELL TO OUR ATTENTION. STUDY IT, LEARN IT, LIVE IT. hey speedz, is that puddle cruiser movie pretty good? i almost rented it the other night but haven't heard anything about it.
  10. kevo


    flame away, call me a newb, donk, or whatever description you feel is necessary to make u feel cool but i have a simple and serious question. what is fold equity? i hear and read people talking about it but i don't think i quite understand. thanx
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