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  1. So with the death of online poker and shows like the NBC Head's Up Championship Cancelled ... is poker headed back to the days when a player had to go to downtown Vegas to get a real game unless they were able to put together a home game or travel the country looking for action?
  2. Hello,Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on the profitability of Omaha Hi/Lo ... can it be done? At what stakes do you think one would have to play to clear a profit. And ... is it worth mastering the game?
  3. So here's what I am wondering. Once you sit down to play at a game with limits of say ... 300/600 or higher or maybe even a 10/20 nl game (which I wont be doing) what happens to the mood of the table. Is it still a bunch of people having a good time like at the lower limits or does everyone really tighten up and attend to business?Just wondering.Matt
  4. I'm folding too. In these situations I always first ask myself what I can beat. So in this situation, what can you beat? If he's gonna donk off $100.00 here on a bluff he's going to do it again when you're holding the nuts sooner or later.Matt
  5. I enjoy limit because the games are looser and people playing aren't as observant. Plus ... I feel that by playing limit I am getting much better at hand reading.
  6. See ... this is why I said I didn't make it past the flop. The button yes. The blinds no.
  7. Well you know your other option is to re-raise. You can do that and find out real quick where you are. This just smells bad. Like he wants you to call. If he was really afraid of you drawing out he'd raise more. He doesn't have you on AA.
  8. Omaha players ... always counterfeiting outs. NH Sir.
  9. Maybe this is a leak in my game but I'm not getting past the flop here. The blinds are just too dangerous. Especially at this limit. He's gonna call with any suited J for sure. I can't help on the rest. I'm out after the flop. I would also raise more with the AA pre-flop.
  10. I know this. After the flop is the WORST time to bluff. Everyone is so aware of the continuation bet that they're not gonna give you credit for anything. I would check-raise 99/100 before I just bet out.I don't know when to bluff best. I would think after a turn scare card.
  11. UTG you have alot of people to act behind you. I'm raising much more pre-flop.Otherwise ... yes, you're screwed here. I'm going broke after that flop.
  12. I'm folding here too. Here's why. You're UTG taking the lead with the betting. Both blinds call. The flop with the A and now he'll bet? What else could he have here. Easy fold. Q on the end aint worth chasing. You make correct decisions to win. This was a correct decision.
  13. I can't decide on this one. He's up against just the blinds he knows he's only gonna be up against one or two players. He's either got you killed or he missed. You really do need more history here. I think I'd fold and move seats to his right.
  14. I ABSOLUTELY see your point. I was just thinking the BB would bet his top pair here assuming that its good. If that's true I was hoping to capture the draws bets through him.
  15. I am open to hearing why. Educate me good Sir.
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