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  1. Actually the downloadable FCP sounds fine. It's the Java based one on sight that sounds terrible. Needless to say I downloaded.
  2. I dunno bout anyone else but I get A,2 a lot. I've never played a table online where I didn't get A,2 at least once. I also get 7,7 a lot as well.
  3. Once on a really loose table I went into chat (I was already chattin friendly with a few players previously) and told everybody to stay clear of me cause I had a monster hand (which was true). This was on flop, I had 3 K set. Well of course no one listened to me and proceeded to reraise me. Turn comes up another K, I have 4ofaK. Again I warned people to stay clear, that I had the nuts, again they went into me. Well by end hand I cleaned up pretty well, and no one could complain causeI warned them all to stay away.
  4. It's funny when a hand loser calls the hand winner a "fish".Now, you could have called the preflop which would signify a possible mediocre hand to your opponents which could be your trap. With a loose table I would have bet as you did as i know enough people will call me. Too you want to try and get rid of those who have hands like low suited connectors or J,10 offsuit.
  5. I usually take the opportunity to do a little house cleanin n such. In fact some of my most profitable days came whilst playing poker online and cleanin house (there's a pun in there somewhere). I agree that boredom can make you edgey and that leads to playing hands you shouldn't.
  6. This is the thing with online poker. There is always a few that will play to the River nomatter what they started with. Players who start with a K5o and play it to the end in hopes of picking up another K. It's foolish play but I've been beaten out on the River enough times by these weak starting hands to be a little more cautious about my game. If I find myself swimming with fishes I tighten up, never bluff, and call when really I should raise. Usually a maniac may win a few big pots but eventually they go bust. you just gotta out last them.On a side note sometimes in PL I'll play a 34(s) in
  7. Guess I'll turn off the sound.Don't mess with the Duck.
  8. Well I've played on numerous poker sites/rooms. I can accept that the FPC isn't a very sharp looking room, perhaps the worst looking of all the rooms I've played, but what really irritates me is the audio sounds of the poker room. Really it sounds like someone walking slowly across a floor covered in potato chips. "Crunch, crunch, crunch." The other table sounds are none too pleasant either. Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine playing a room and concentrating on my game with all that "crunch, crumch, crunch" going on.My 2c (SB).
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