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  1. "Varkonyi almost single-handedly made poker uncool."for some reason i lol'd pretty hard at this
  2. Ok.. Any reads on villain? Has be been constantly 3betting? What about his perception of u? Are u raising a ton? Honestly if villain isn't a huge spewtard, the river is a super easy fold, and honestly I fold the flop a lot here depending on villain. If he is an unknown who seems decent u are clearly against ak or crushed. Range should be qq+ and ak. I chk/fold flop a lot here. Again reads are important.
  3. on the silent rail (all my monies on FTP now)... glglglgl
  4. yukk... i tried this for a couple weeks.. i wanted to yank my hair out.. good way to get FPPs at stars/generate rakeback at FTP cause u pay a sh** load of rake... but nah.. FRNL is for me..less swingy, less tilty
  5. raise bigger pf.. 4x-5x preferablyc-bet flop.. you are HU in position.. villains tend to float paired flops alot because they think u are FOS.. You need to get value from your hand here. Sure there are plenty of blanks that may fall on the turn and villain may lead, but you pretty much turn your hand face up when you wait until then to raise. Plus as good of a flop as this is for you, its still pretty drawy and alot of bad turn cards will shut you down. I say bet 1/2-2/3 pot on flop.
  6. yeah he is getting pounded.. ivey has about 850-900k on the table.. durrrr says he wants a side bet of 5k on who gets to 1million on the table first.. trying to keep ivey from quitting lol
  7. 3bet/call shove and ship him 1/32892393402304023 of your roll when his Q9 or 22 holds then reload IMO.
  8. QA/Test Analyst at a leading electronic payment processing company... yaaaawnoh and I play the pokerz at night
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