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  1. Button had 100bb's. I left his detail out, as he folded flop - but I see your point, buttons presence affects the play on the flop.Can anyone recommend another converter?
  2. Thanks for the responses guys.I had the same line of reasoning, so I put him all-in on the turn and he flipped over A-10 for a flopped straight. This downswing has tilted me more than I thought possible and now I have noticed that I'm questioning and second guessing what should be easy straight forward decisions (results based thinking imo).Thank the poker gods for FCP otherwise I would have probably put my monitor through the window by now.
  3. Fair enough.I bet that much as, at 10NL, almost any Ace and any King would call to the river and I wanted to charge them if they were going to outdraw me. Would it have been any different if I bet less or checked? or is it just a cooler I should live with?
  4. Can't access the converter at flopturnriver, as our corporate Websense has listed the site as having Malicious code !? Can anyone recommend another converter?Anyway, I am on my first ever 5BI downswing and it has really started to affect my play. I'm taking a short time away from the tables and looking at the hands that have caused me the most grief. Any advice would be appreciated.Only been at the table a few orbits, but it is filled with donkeys. Villian seems to be a typical donkey with stats at 63/3/1.Im in MP with AA. Pre-flop 1 limper (UTG - main villian), I raise to $0.40 and get 1
  5. As of last week (5th), Patrik was up about $500k http://www.gambling911.com/poker/antonius-...nge-050509.html
  6. How did you get rid of the shaky hands during the hand? That is one of my biggest tells that I can't seem to stop - that and smiling , although smiling is coming under control (now its just a smirk ).
  7. At 10NL it is fairly common to be called by 77, 88, AK, AQ, KJ, hell even 2 suited cards. I got a 3bet called by 33 who stacked off on a gutshot on Saturday night.I understand what you are saying and will take that into consideration, but this is 10nl. Oh hell yeah - if the SB had made the initial raise then a 3bet wouldn't have even crossed my mind.
  8. Mine is 2500x bb (25 buys ins at 100bb)I think the general recommended guideline for a bankroll is 20 buyins at 100bb
  9. Thanks for the responses guys, I did fold. Well, "easy 3bet" might be over egging it slightly - but generally when the raise comes from the CO or button, yes ... I try to make the best decisions but I do love a good gamble. I've found that at 10nl, most people know about ranges for pre-flop raising but then c/f when over cards come or they don't hit hard (stations excluded, obv). Case in point, CO called the 3bet and then folded to a flop cbet on an As 5d 6d board.
  10. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comimportant stacksMP2 ($16.70)MP3 ($4.60)CO ($10.40)Button ($11.65)SB ($10)Hero (BB) ($15.55))UTG ($10.05)UTG+1 ($2)MP1 ($0.95)Preflop: Hero is BB with 9 , 9 2 folds, MP1 calls $0.10, 1 fold, MP3 calls $0.10, CO bets $0.50, 1 fold, SB raises to $1.50, Hero?Reads;CO is 27/8/6 over 108 hands - other than when he has been in the big blind and saw a free flop, I have only seen him make a standard raise with AJs and call a pf raise with A9o - both pots he won with top pair. Only goes to showdown with
  11. Err - he shoved all in on the turn, nothing to reassess on the river.
  12. At this level, people are not folding because your raise is too big. If they are going to call a min raise, they are going to call a raise of 3x or 4x - the amount of the raise and your table image are irrelevant. The only thing these people see are the 2 cards in front of them, if they are good enough to call a raise they will call almost any raise, literally. Expolit that by making a decent raise.It sucks when you have AA or KK and everyone folds to a standard raise, but don't lower your raise size because of it.Bet at least 1/2 pot on each street - preferably more (3/4 pot or whole pot)
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