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  1. So, I'm wondering where people play these hands, as you get more comfortable with a table, right now I'm tossing them almost entirely with the exception of button +1 with 1 limper or less and no raises...I'm just wondering where I should playKQQJJT and how you guys tend to play them, I mean they are fairly speculative and you need help with them, but I'm not sure how late a position I should play these, or what to do with them to get my highest EV.EDIT:: sorry I forgot to say this is open tables.
  2. MAY RESULTS:Poker Related Goals1. End with $100+ Bankroll (starting at $62.73)88.40 I'm not disappointed... i had some bad runs of luck near the end2. Play over 5000 handsplayed 8000+ since posting my goal, 13000+ in may total3. Play for no more than 90 minutes per session on open tables, at least 5 minute breaks between sessions.4. Play open tables with max buyins, buying in with under 10% of bankroll.i bought in with like 12% once 5. Mark at least 50 opponents on open tables with notes.lost count after 3006. Prevent tilt!!! remain emotionally detached!i went on 2 small tilts, less than 10 ha
  3. I just finished my first matrix tourney in a long time on FTP... and i was wondering what kind opinions on these are?that was the results and it really got me interested in maybe starting up again...It was fun, and my opponents seem even more detached from their hands than usual.good results for trial #1 (this is only a $1 tourney, but due to bankroll management i am only going up to $5 SNGs when I play tourneys or $2 MTTs)
  4. I would call here if you think they don't have AA or KK, we hit flop ~ 1/3 times... we would be putting $2.50 more into a would be $8 pot, which is under 1/3 if flop comes with A or K we all in, if not - fold. being a 45/55 dog to other hands is accurate, but you have to account for the $1.5 you've already put into the pot... IMO call preflop with AKs instead of raising... 3 handed is not bad for AKs & post flop is where most action should be on high non pair cards... I flat call preflop from UTG raise rather than reraising, but given the situation i flat call that preflop and flop board
  5. I agree here... it hardly pays in the long run to stack off light here... he seems to be playing pretty selectively, i would put him on A9 at the least, or top pair with a nice draw if he's stacking off easily... i would say most of the time the raise on the flop indicates overpair or 2 pair flop, so i lay this down unless the villain is like 40/15 and c/r a lot... i probably set it down on that flop to his raise, especially with that low a 3bet%... given the villain's stats... lay down on the flop unless you had a much bigger read IMO..Also a villain looking to get a cheap river card may bet
  6. Thanks everyone for the input!!!I will put in my more specific reply now...I feel comfortable 4-5 tabling even full ring tables, I feel 40 people is not too many to keep tabs on... you won't have big reads on mediocre players, but you'll know LAGs specific rocks, and good players by paying attention ... 6-8 I have found myself to play mostly ABC poker, but I can get reads on a couple of noticeable players, who i will play differently against seems profitable still.. but not as profitable as 4-5 tabling ... 9-16 ugh, so far requires far too much concentration to play good poker... one session
  7. Lol well I e-mailed full tilt to up my max tables to 16 just for the fun of it, and it was interesting to say the least...I played for 26 minutes on 16 tables - a total of 498 hands... and my head was just fried haha...i was playing on $.01/$.02 NL 9 handed just to try it, and went up $1.04 over the 498 hands lol...I was just curious what people tend to be able to handle for ~1 hour while playing well (obviously this was too many for me, though it was interesting)Haha thanks guys .
  8. IMO you missed the flop here, and rather than making a gamble of it, lay it down...I probably flat call or shove preflop, since you're only gonna hit 1/3 flops, and you're committing a lot preflop...A lot of tournament play is about pot size control... if you commit yourself to pots early, you are likely to spew out of tournaments.there's really not much i can see here that you'd beat.. even at a low table. maybe you had him dominated preflop - him having a hand like QK or QA, but even if he's bluffing, here your profit (especially in the tourney) is far better if you lay it down.I would say
  9. Lol. with these, it will take you and 3 of your friends to do a Faro ^^.
  10. I have been trying to do card stunts and stuff, when I'm bored.I have a deck of plastic bicycle cards, and they work pretty well for a lot of things,but they are too flimsy for doing many things.I also tried some paper bicycle cards and various other paper cards, but they don't work well to do any kind of Faro.Does anyone know a brand that has decently thick cards, that are laminated well and would work for doing card Faro shuffles?
  11. Thanks! this helps - I was blinded a lot (since i was card dead) I probably could have had more of a chance later (ended up being 6bb right after one big stack knocked off another big stack 4 handed) if i had been pushy toward medium sized stacks... having 6bb, i went in on ATs as the button, called by the bb with Q8s, and he won the hand (i would have called in his position too, he had ~100bb) but got a bad beat 6 handed and coasted to 3 handed through a dead deck.Patient enough that i doubled on JJ short stacked and waited out one of them crashing in 4th.This specific tourney was what got me
  12. I really think this depends how big the pot is in relation to your hand.of the options given, i agree that checking is the best decision, but i like to put in a small bet here (15-20% pot?).Even with 2nd pair, they may call, and i find it increases EV in my experience, since to a small bet, a strong hand may make a big reraise, as they believe you hold enough to call, (while you could, I'd fold here) a speculative hand may call or reraise (but generally not as much as a monster hand) and depending, you can read the river better, and make a more sizable decision on the river, whether it is to b
  13. So today i played a $2+$.25 MTT on FT (9 handed, regular stack, regular blind speed, NLHE)I made it to the final table as the chip leader..Most players seem to tend to be aggressive early at the final table (especially with a chip lead, in my case about 20% over the next opponent, though only one player had under 50% of my stack) I pretty much waited out hands, and was pretty card dead, but this isn't actually my question:In general, do people here who play tournaments (MTTs) regularly find it more profitable to be very patient on final tables, or to be manipulative, and aggressive, or somethi
  14. Hey question for you: So, I was reading up on poker tracker 3 vs. HEM... for the most part it seemed that HEM had more/better features than PT3, do you agree? and wouldn't it be a better investment to buy the full version, if I intend on building up my bankroll, so that perhaps sometime (distant future) if i play those stakes i won't have to buy the full version, or do they allow you to upgrade for the difference in price? Thanks!
  15. He would mostly re-raise check raises, or fold, re-raising was generally .. i don't remember the exact amount of hands that went to showdown, but when opponents would bet into him there would tend to be showdowns ( note: the other players on the table hadn't been there as long as him, and were often short stacked if this matters)As for the results, I'm not saying they turned out disfavorably, or favorably, I more or less wanted a check up on this type of hand... as for some reason lately I've been playing a lot of loose aggressive, maybe it's a surge of this type of player. :)I'll try to make
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