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  1. My first choice was 99, but since someody has taken every pair 88+ besides aces, I'll go with them since its not out of the realm of possibility. AcAx
  2. "he had check folded on similar boards to me OTF, so he's probably expecting me to bet."Does this qualify? Is villain capable of such a play? From your comments about being a decent tag, I'd say he probably is. I've been trying to find a shove here, but I just don't think I have enough to condone it. I can't shake the feeling you're getting steamrolled though. I think this is one of the times you just have to let yourself be bluffed
  3. Yea, a little pot control in this particular situation wouldn't have been bad either.
  4. I don't hate the lead. When dealing with passive villains who tend to check fold most flops they don't stomp, I c-bet/lead 100% of the time no matter what I have until I'm stopped. This also works well when dealing with the question on another thread about donk betting. By doing this so often, I am setting myself up perfectly to maximize value when I do lead/c-bet with the nuts.
  5. Agreed. Also, I don't see why people keep saying they are cringing about 88 here as they call. While I haven't played much .10/.25, I can tell you for a fact that 88 is very rarely(if at all) raising in this spot .25/.50, and if they did, it would be bigger than 2.5x. Most of the time they would be absolutely content to see this flop for .85 and hope to flop a set. I'm pretty sure the same would apply here. Even though this is a non issue since we all agree we're calling here, if I'm holding my breath about any possible villain hand while I'm fist pumping, its AA/KK, despite holding one of eac
  6. In retrospect, a little pot control probably would have been the play with the possible range the villain had. I forgot to post the results before, so for what its worth, the villain had 96 of spades, which wasn't all that surprising for the .25/.50 game. The only hands I ever see get played there like that are the nuts, unless its some Friday night hero(or as I was beginning to call them, unicorns)I moved up to .50/1 last week despite my results in .25/50 the last 4 months only being a small profit, because the game itself was driving me nuts. I didn't think the style of play would change tha
  7. mtdesmoines and Sens-Eh are both right. A bigger re-raise pre almost guarantees you get it all in either before the flop or after on a queen(or less) high board. However, theres absolutely no reason this guy should be folding kings in this spot, despite being right. I hope you looked at him like he was nuts and told him he was good as you mucked.
  8. That sentence made me lol. Talk about intimidation...I've only encountered 1 player who counted out that many chips in 10 stacks in the last year or so, and he was exactly the same type of loose/passive/station you described in the OP. The sick thing is, I remember watching him play a hand similar to this. Folded to him in the SB and he completed. I don't remember the exact board, but it was something dry like Q72o. He then proceeded to check call 3 straight bets from the big blind and turned over AA which ended up losing to a rivered two pair. I don't know if its that hand thats swaying my ju
  9. Ha, thanks. I try.As far as the hand goes, what line would you have taken on the turn? I felt there was value to be had from overpairs and two pair hands, but the problem(which you're probably going to point out) was that I didn't really have a plan in the event he shoved. I agree with your assessment that this a WB situation far more than a WA. C/F is to passive and I'm not a huge fan of a C/C either as he would probably bet with both hands I beat and hands that have me crushed, and then I'd be in the same situation on the river barring the case 3. Bet/fold?
  10. No reads on villain as he had just sat a few hands before. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comVillain 1 (Button) ($50)SB ($50)Villain 2 (BB) ($34.90)UTG ($39.50)UTG+1 ($50.75)MP1 ($10)MP2 ($21.80)MP3 ($8.35)Hero (CO) ($143.25)Preflop: Hero is CO with 3, 35 folds, Hero bets $1.50, Villain 1 calls $1.50, 1 fold, Villain 2 calls $1Flop: ($4.75) 5, 7, 4(3 players)Villain 2 checks, Hero bets $4, Villain 1 calls $4, 1 foldTurn: ($12.75) 3(2 players)Hero bets $10, Villain 1 raises to $44.50 (All-In)Total pot: $32.75Worst card I could ha
  11. Agreed. I'm fine with the raise pre, but not so thrilled with the size of the lead. I'm not too worried about MP here if you flat the shove. I don't think he would smooth call what appears to be a continuation bet on flop with a set when theres 4 players left to act and a club draw on the board. He comes over the top after you flat the all in, and I think I can get away here as well.
  12. Oops, should probably start proofreading posts before clicking submit.
  13. That was my thought too. If I'm almost sure he has a 10, I don't think many 1/2 players would be able to fold in this spot, so there would be value in shoving. Honestly, all the ideas posted so far would probably work in this situation at this level. If I had to do it over again, I think I would have used the crazy donk persona to my advantage, announced I was all in, and stared the guy down so he would think I was trying to run him over.
  14. I was playing 1/2 down at Mohegan over the weekend, and a hand came up that I wanted to get an opinion on. I’ve been at the table for about an hour. To this point, I haven’t seen the villain get out of line, but he did make a comment to someone else at the table about how he doesn’t play online poker because he doesn’t like to be cheated. Also, this table is extremely loose passive. I think theres been 5 pots raised preflop since I sat down, and 4 of them were by me. My image at the table is probably a maniac, because a revolution before I raised 3 limpers with 45 suited in position, then show
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