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  1. He shouldnt have been able to reraise to 45 all in BUT you made a donk play by not calling
  2. The best part of that episode was Adam Schoenfeld Knocking all the guys with the poker tatooes. That segment was priceless, and so true at the same time!"When I sit down at a table and see some guy with a Poker Tatoo. I know hes got NO GAME whatsoever!"LOL!
  3. A good 4 hour structure would look like this30 Mins.....50-100100-200150-300200-400Then 20 Mins a piece300-600400-800600-1200Then 15 mins a piece800-16001200-24001500-30002000-40003000-60004000-8000etc....The Point being as more people get knocked out the blinds go around faster so you get More rounds per level, so you shorten those. It works pretty good for my games, people love it. Give it a shotIf you want 2 hours though, I would go like this15 min rounds100-200150-300250-500400-800600-12001000-20001500-30002500-50004000-8000 (it probably wont go past here)6000-12000If you have 14 guys youl
  4. The Two Most reliable tells Ive found are shaking hands and the staredown. Beware of the staredown though you need another strong is weak tell to use that one, such as punding chips in the pot, and generally acting like hes got a big hand.With the staredown most donkeys these days will just stare you down for the hell of it just becuase it looks cool
  5. I dont do it a lot, but Min raising is a definite great tool when used correctly. It just gives your opponents one more thing to think about. Its very hard to play against someone that Min raises with the nuts and nothing.
  6. It wasnt that bad a call.....How many chips did donkey have?Blinds are 250-500Donkey raises to 2k with QJos (nothing wrong about this)You reraise all in for 7k totaltheres 9775 in the pot (more if theres antes)It costs him 5k to call. Hes getting just about 2:1, and he doesnt always have to be dominated here. You have a small stack compared to the blinds so i think its reasonable to say youd push with any pair any Ace, KQ-K9. Most of these hands QJ is not a huge dog against. I think your opponent had to call with the price the pot was laying him, and Unlucky for you, you had a huge hand this t
  7. In the Professor the banker and the suicide King they talked about the first game Andy Initially played....10 and 20K limit holdem. ted Forrest Crushed that game.
  8. As far as I know, none of the .net sites direct try to direct you to thier .com site on the site or in the software...that would be a No-NoWhat theyre hoping for I think is for you to type .com instead of .net
  9. Cuz Phil Hellmuth has never cried after busting out of the main event
  10. Of course you havent read the forum rules however!
  11. You aint won 2 yet! maybe tomorrow you will though!
  12. Maybe you can expand that link to include the referral that you Hid so nicely!
  13. Playing Match #2 on Bugsys Table Rastelli on the Heads up Tab
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