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  1. Worldwide Champion Bill Fillmaff made the final table of a PokerStars $4.40 180-player SNG and made a video of it with commentary. It's... educational?http://planetstackedmovies.gamespy.com/440fillmaff.wmv
  2. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but that idiot Bill Fillmaff made a final table of some crazy private rebuys tournament on PS and posted a video of his "perfect" poker play.http://planetstackedmovies.gamespy.com/fillmaffgsop.wmvIt's supposed to be educational, but mostly he just screams and spits all over the place and I didn't learn much.
  3. Yeah I guess if you're only going to watch one, that's the one to watch, although the multitabling thing is kinda dumb.
  4. Here's info on the patch:The scheduled Xbox STACKED™ Masters Showdown tournaments for STACKED with Daniel Negreanu (MTV Showdown #1, #2, #3 & #4) scheduled for Sunday, June 18th, Monday June 19th, Tuesday June 20th, and Wednesday June 21st, have been cancelled until the release of a pending patch. The first Xbox Showdown tournament to be played will now be “MTV Showdown #5” scheduled for Thursday, June 22 at 7:00pm EDT. Additional Xbox tournaments will be added and the Showdown series will be extended by 1 week to make up for the delay. PC and PS2 tournaments will proceed as scheduled. A p
  5. There will be a patch for this issue, they say, "it will be available as soon as we get Xbox approval for it."
  6. After looking into this issue some more, it turns out this is kind of out of the developer's hands: it's up to Microsoft's Xbox team to decide when/if compatibility is added. So, again, it's up to Microsoft. But if they're smart they'll add it quick!
  7. You'll need to wait for an update I believe but it's in the works.And if you're still trying to figure out where the game is available, go to this page: http://www.mtv.com/games/holdem/stacked/buyitnow.jhtml
  8. It will be added to the backwards compatability list although I'm not sure of when exactly that's rolling out.
  9. Well, there's obviously been some distribution problems, here's an update from Planet STACKED:===As you may have noticed, many people are having a hard time finding STACKED. While some stores did have the game yesterday, the majority did not. Turns out there have been a few last-minute distribution difficulties. GameStop looks to be the best bet for getting the game. If they don't have it already, all stores should have it by June 2nd (Friday). It now looks as though STACKED won't be available "in stores everywhere" until June 7th. That's when Best Buy, Sears, K-Mart, CompUSA, GameCrazy etc. s
  10. Actually the PSP version doesn't currently have an announced release date and the PS2 version ships this week.
  11. Don't know where you're getting this, but PC and Xbox are still releasing today and the PS2 is coming tomorrow.Not ALL stores will have it today (and of course we're talking US-only here), but stores like Best Buy and GameStop should.
  12. In the latest episode, Bill Fillmaff is framed for an online poker crime and sets out to get revenge. http://billfillmaff.com/And maybe there's a surprise or two, who knows.
  13. UPDATE: We have enough entries for new testers, thanks, you'll be getting an email soon if you signed up.
  14. Just to clarify, if you didn't get an email with a key, you can't participate in the beta.Again, if you didn't get an email, don't bother trying to download the client because you need a key to play.If you have any problems with the beta, please email stackedbeta@myelinmedia.com
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