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  1. Anyone else having issues with the feed tonight? All has been fine up until tonight. Trying to play it from the PKR link or in Media Player results in the same thing, a frozen display but blinking fast. Audio ok, but not as good as other nights.. It's been the same for at least the last hour I have been trying it.
  2. Flying Buffalo to Vegas Jan 11th. Playing 1/2 and 100-200 tournies. Anyone else there then?
  3. No problem, thanks anyways, perhaps at some future time. Good luck all...
  4. me please.... same name as here, Toronto...
  5. Hey, I would love to participate.. My Stars name is compuease. I'll also PM you. Thx..
  6. So what's the competition going to be? lol.. Just in case I'm compuease on stars. Thx and good luck everyone...
  7. Hey DN, come play some 25/50 PL O8, table Leto V... Let's see how tough you are here.... lol
  8. Mine too...*********************************************Dear compuease,Welcome to PokerStars, where poker players become world champions.We have successfully completed the transfer of your Full Contact Poker account balances to PokerStars. The following amounts have been credited to your PokerStars account:Cash transferred: $1,462,981.37PokerStars FPP awarded: 43,335If you have any questions, please email us at support@pokerstars.com and we will be happy to help.Regards,PokerStars Cashier**********************************************Well maybe a little <sw>.
  9. Since the original question was how to replace Neteller, I would like to get back to that. So far everyone has just been talking about depositing to Poker sites. I'm much more concerned with withdrawing, either all the way back to my bank account or back to some medium, such as Neteller, then back to another poker site. ie moving funds between poker sites. Since I have never needed to deposit to poker sites, other than my original $50. that I started with 3 years ago, depositing is not that big of a deal. It's the movement between sites that is one of the biggest advantages that Neteller had g
  10. Doesn't one have to make money before being concerned about taxes? Just a thought, and nothing implied... Much!
  11. With all deepstack tournaments going on I'm wondering if perhaps there regular 12 noon Saturday is cancelled. Probably replaced by the deepstack $540. at 2pm. Supersatellites daily at 9PM...See link below..http://www.venetian.com/homepage.aspx#ID=EXTRAVAGor on allvegaspoker.comhttp://www.allvegaspoker.com/forum/viewtop...616&start=0
  12. When are you going and where r u staying? Looks from all your hockey posts you are likely from Canada as well. I'm staying at the Excalibur arriving 8:30pm Sunday... Planning on playing some satellites for sure...
  13. lol, exactly...... that's why it is pretty good... much prefer being one of the better players anytime.....
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