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  1. add another 55k to that...took down the 150+13 on FTP last nightSICK LIFE
  2. so sick congrats...!!!!!!!!!! this was the first poker site/forum ive ever regged too and ive railed and followed u a bunch of times..awesome to see u grind it out online and see all your hardwork pan out.....BINKKKKK. i didnt even know u were that young lol
  3. sick GL...!#$@$@$ huge money aheaddd..run GOOOT
  4. WTF ...guy seems like hes seriously just trying to drive away and idiot papparazzi goofs are being themselves instigating nonsense bullshit (IMO of course)....,.Then buddy gets Jumped from behind and no one helps either party..(justified with all the cameras lol)..guy finally gets loose and starts swinging and people start screaming like he committed murder....I would of unloaded 10 more uppercuts on that ****ing idiot fwiw.papparrazzi MAKE ME SICKKKKKKKK...google last jay-z video with him in beyonce for more evidence of goofball instigation imo..**** i wish he KO`d that dude on camera there l
  5. this board is officially a gost town
  6. lols...just read when OP posted ...i think im way too late.. no one even posted..whoa
  7. mackenznick snbecause im busto on stars and wanna get a roll going..and obviously ill win:p
  8. bballer88 is jovial gent..a few hours after winning 1.7m he shipped the monday 1K....not to mention the wpt champ earlier this yearWHAT THEE ****KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK(sry prolly repost just scanned last 10 posts)
  9. so what did ashman lose in props due to his loss??. Im a huge noob on this shit. lol
  10. that horrible...buy him a roger 3g stick asap
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