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  1. Looking like it's going to be a pretty good show.
  2. Daniel's my top favorite because he indirectly got me into poker. A few years ago, I flipped on the TV and poker was on. Daniel was playing and he called out (I think it was) Freddy Deeb's hand and he was right. I couldn't believe how anyone could know that. From then on I started watching every poker show known to man. After that I started playing it and i've been rooting Daniel on ever since.
  3. This sounds like it's going to be pretty good.
  4. Tough choice. I'd have to go with the 4 iron, cause im really bad at golf.
  5. Yeah, I would say he is the best.
  6. The WPT is what got me into online poker and poker in general... I just happened to catch an episode of season 2 one night and I was hooked. As for the lawsuit.. I have no opinion, because it really won't effect me either way.
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