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  1. Watch some more video's. It is super simple to mark them during a game. There are other vidoes showing this. They are also marked on the side so unless you are completely covering your cards (which the dealers then complain about cause they say they can't tell if you have cards) then this can happen easily enough.
  2. Most casino's do not really recognize the line on the table HOWEVER in this case the fact that the player cut out $75 and moved it forward and the dealer signified it was a call by asking the players to flip the cards then this should 100% be ruled a call and the pot plus the guys $75 call awarded. Terrible decision by the floor.
  3. I've been running an online private poker league for years. Lately we haven't had many games with interest dwindling over the summer and myself constantly having to convince players to come out and play.I'm willing to open it up to Canadian FCP players (like I said it has been private up till now). Its called CopTour (Canadian Online Poker Tour).If anyone is interested let me know and I'll send you the details.
  4. GoldFinger, nice graphs. Would like to see the distribution one in terms of BB (Big Blinds) rather than $'s though. Would make much more sense as well once you start mixing in results from different levels.
  5. Although I do like the structure at Sahara one thing to take note is that the majority of the dealers are some of the slowest you will see anywhere at any casino. So it plays more like a 5-10 minute round rather than a 20 minute round. And I'm not exaggerating here.
  6. "Kid Poker" was actually scratched in this one. Search the page for "Kid Poker" - http://www.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20...s4charts-a.html
  7. I haven't looked but I'm almost positive Daniel has mentioned somewhere that there would be deals coming up for Charter Members (this was after FCP Cardroom was dead).And as someone else pointed out here I thought as well that it was related to FCP Forum users vs FCP Cardroom really.But whatever, if Charter Membership means absolutely nothing now then so be it. Would be nice to still get some perks for it though.
  8. Are there any PokerVT deals for FCP Charter Members? Or have us Charter members been forgotten? I haven't seen much lately (if anything at all) for Charter members.
  9. It is shocking to think that someone would expect DN to stop and chit chat for no apparent reason.I've met Daniel and have had conversations with him numerous times. I wouldn't expect anything different and wouldn't be offended if he passed me in the hallway with an acknowledgment and nothing more. In fact it has happened. Maybe he didn't remember me, maybe he didn't have time. Whats the big deal.Get over it.
  10. This only applies to after the hand is complete and I want to show one card instead of both. I toss the one card I don't want to show into the muck and then toss the other face up.This doesn't help with exposing one card during play when heads up though unfortunately. In some casino's this even constitutes a mucked hand (which is a completely wrong).Consider the opposite situation as well. I was playing in a cash game and had a difficult decision on the river. A real dummy decided to show me one card thinking that it would scare me into folding. Problem was, it helped me to determine that he c
  11. What happened to the whole thing? Seems the person running this has disappeared completely. I have no idea what was up with the TOC or anything else to end this thing off. Not that it matters much but just wondering?
  12. It would still be nice to move the bonus over to PS. They have a bonus structure as well just not nearly as decent as FCP. But whatever amount that hasn't been cleared yet should be moved in some capacity or paid out in some form.Also, what is to become of the Charter Members? Or is that dead too?
  13. Unless you are talking about betting your entire backroll every single time this is completely wrong.
  14. No, I wasn't able to pull it off.
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