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  1. From the agnostic judge:‘Problem of Infinite Regress’ Point and Counter-point—TLDR, drawHow seriously are we supposed to take this guy if he can't be bothered to read something he is supposed to be judging, why agree to be a judge in the first place?
  2. I mean, religious people have written some pretty great poetry imo, but I digress. I dont mean actual events in the book, like noah's flood or the plauges, can be used historically. I mean we can learn a lot about the people who wrote it by learning how they lived and what they believed in.
  3. I'm not trying to be confrontational at all, but what does this mean? Many poets use specific biblical allusions which wouldnt make sense in any other light.
  4. Interesting question. I'm not sure if you wanted us to actually answer(?) but I think it has to be. It gives us a window into how an acient people lived. Not to mention, lots of poetry can scarcesly be understood if u dont have your biblical refrences.
  5. Yea, I guess the most merciful being imaginable wouldn't just save anybody... oh, wait...
  6. RE: BRV's sig.A smart guy using Pascal's wager doesn't look any less foolish in doing so.
  7. Mills


    Just like the 30,000 other denominations you don't believe in, yea?
  8. Mills


    Doesn't most satanism have nothing to do with satan or demons as diety figures? That would mran this makes about as much sense as trying to exorcise bhuddists
  9. BRV using the argument from authority?I'm shocked, I really am
  10. Heh, it must be pretty awesome to have the real absolute truth amongst so many others who just think they have it.Sort of like being a 33nd degree mason....
  11. I feel pretty confident in saying that among christians, you are in the minority in this one. Yet whenever you say this, you present it as something that we are getting wrong, but according to the amjority of christian teachings, im not sure we are.
  12. Looks like a snap to me... like 10s or something that thinks he found a safe flop
  13. Il play with a stake, Bob.Sommerset In the USA, thanks.
  14. say this to yourself in a baby voice, it sounds adorable
  15. And I still hold that you know what is incorrect about this statement
  16. Even now I question if you are really a Christian, or if you are just trolling at genius levels.
  17. As with most things in life, Mr. Show thought of it first:
  18. Half stackers talkin ish. LOL.I root for OP to go bust at every table he sits at.
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