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  1. I have read a few of the major poker books (supersystems I/II, Dan Harrington's Tournament Poker) But I was wondering if there are any really good books out there that go into detail specifically with tells/mannerisms of poker players, much less people. Thanks!
  2. Man, I can't wait until I am cool enough to get on the grid.
  3. B- for the effort. I just didn't get the feeling of sorrow.
  4. I am glad Phil Ivey is standing up for me and everyone that has played at that site. I will be damned if I am not given back my 12.38 that I still have on that site! I worked damn hard for that money! DAMN HARD I TELL YOU!
  5. Wow, that makes sense. Thanks.
  6. Note to self.... Spademan doesn't care about offending legitimate 'special needs' individuals if they piss him offGot it...
  7. Can anyone explain what this 'straw man' thing is?
  8. Never thought about the concrete part. I think the defense is doing a wonderful job defending her, though. I think they are putting up one hell of a fight.
  9. Wow... then I completely missed that. If that was the case, I apologize.
  10. What do you guys think about the Casey Anthony trial?
  11. Are you serious? You know, I really don't get ticked off, even when spademan blasted me on the religion forum. I understood what I was getting into. But are you really being serious? You might want to look at how many people who used to be in gangs, or going down a bad path that the military has helped out. Please, before you say retarded things that really do not make any sort of logical sense, check your facts. Every organization has bad apples. Every status has undesirable people. Don't try to put it like we are friggin monsters. Also, about the 'alledged gun knowledge' and so on.
  12. You should write a book man!
  13. Spade, stop typing so damn much, it hurts my head. In the military (Marines), how I was instructed in MCMAP under weapons training, They usually assume closer then 30 feet is an unsafe distance with someone you might consider a hostile. Granted, this is not a warzone or anything to that nature, but the same fundamentals apply in the sense of self defense. One step can possibly bring someone within range to do bodily harm, whether it is a fist or a knife if the distance is approximately 15 feet. I don't know the specific law out where the incident occurred, but I do know that I would rather
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