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  1. How many people were actually holy? Bible/Gods word seems pretty hard, man, so assuming it's true I am going to hypothesize that not all all that many were raised from the dead. Not to mention it says many, not all, further lessening the number. I just always figured that thrown in with the rest of the not so believable this just isn't all that big of a deal.
  2. Dropped 500 in a game last night. God is definitely mad at me.
  3. was just that. Actually, that's not true. I had fallen sleep watching "The Voice" off of my DVR and in my dream for some reason that girl Mya from the Lady Marmalade song was one one of the contestants, and in my head Carson Daly was announcing "International star Mya"... and I woke up to my alarm, news pops on my T.V. immediately, 200 plus dead in the South from Tornadoes. Then, my first thought was that God was/is pissed off.Really, if the same can be wondered about for the the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, it bears wondering about in this example as well. Is God pissed off? I
  4. At work some guy who claims to be pretty religious was explaining how Easter morning he was just too tired from the night before to make it to the 10 A.M. service, further explaining how 10 was just too early. I was just kind of listening in to the conversation and just bellowed out what was in my head: "Jesus take a back seat!" Quite a few people laughed but I may have embarrassed the poor guy.Incidentally, in my head I was thinking of the Carrie Underwood song "Jesus take the wheel" and was trying to fit backseat in phonetically so I could sing it, and obviously couldn't so I just yelled it
  5. SweetDee


    I know, right? They get so much else wrong.
  6. I'm guessing your joking, but just want to point out that it wasn't that long ago when a 12 year old was treated like we would treat an 18 year old now. Ability to marry, provide for a family, even take over a throne. Read Little House on the Prairie and you can find good examples of what a 12 year old was capable of, not that long ago.
  7. Your position is that morality in and of itself is good enough, rules don't matter? So, Smokey can't prevent forest fires?
  8. Where did you get that following these two commandments and these two ALONE would prevent someone from being a rapist or pedophile? That's not what I was saying, the point was that a person who could pay attention to these "little" things (and many more, it's not like there are only two biblical concepts in that big ass book) would never need to be told "Hey, man, don't have sex with kids." I never said it was only these two things. As far as murder warranting a commandment, well, at the time, murder was an issue, even for Gods people. God would send them to war to kill, but a line needed to b
  9. I will bite. What's so stupid about the idea that starting with certain concepts helps build better people?
  10. My thoughts on this is that it doesn't rate high enough because it's fairly well known that rape or pedophilia is bad. The vast majority people will never rape or fondle a child, no need to make a big stink about it. But, the two you referred to are not as much about coveting your neighbors wife or his things as much as it is about the mastery of how your mind works. If you are a person who can manage to not **** your neighbors wife, or more importantly not even realize the desire too, most likely you are a person who will not be raping. Same goes for pedophilia. No need to even address it whe
  11. What part of sin equals bad is so tough to grasp?For the record, I am not taking a stance on whether or not the Tsunami had anything to do with God, just looking at the biblical version of things. Biblically, the wages of sin is death, and the "wages" doesn't discriminate, it effects all of us. Young, old, rich, poor, doesn't matter, the wages are the result of our actions. So, yes, even the much ballyhooed baby gets the shaft at some point but that's not Gods doing, that's ours, and it's necessary or Gods a liar.What's interesting to me is no one has even brought up Satans biblical role in t
  12. This was good.Okay, I will streamline it for you. Biblically, the wages of sin is death, right? Sin=bad things happening. Raping babies is not something that you wake up one day and just do, there is a path taken to it, littered with sins, not just your sin but others sin as well. What I proposed is that in order for God to be honest/consistent, the baby rape would be a necessary happening. If it did not happen, and instead after taking the path to baby rape you found instead, say, a longing to ingest lots of cotton candy, God would be a liar.
  13. So, a line of thought that went through my head as I was driving to my fave tranny spot goes something like this: Biblically, recompense for sin must be. Sin=punishment. That statement in itself is so wide open it makes your head spin, much like a quality tranny. But, what punishment, and for what sins? Some of you want to focus on baby rape like it's the be all and end all of sin, (I tend to think dead baby rape is much worse) that being said, biblically, baby rape is going to possibly eventually happen when one follows certain paths of self-indulgence. As much as we can we try and make this
  14. I missed the even the infants part of his statement. My apologies.
  15. I appreciate his outlook and agree with pretty much everything he said. I just like to look at both sides of the picture, because let's face it, God, or the notion of him, is gonna be around for awhile. This has been interesting. Maybe I will try and check in more. Cheers fellas.
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