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  1. You are lucky the other players are so bad then, lmao. In O8 more money is made through your opponents mistakes then your own particular skill.
  2. so I don't play for almost a year and you are still playing .10/.25 eh. wow
  3. I'd like to hear some names of some of the Lawmakers he has met with. Frankly, I think he hasn't done jack ***.
  4. K, so you limp.. what flop are you looking for?...
  5. Hey uhh .. your mom called.. she wants you home by 10:00.
  6. I think an 8 buyin downswing is entirely possible with a bunch of bad luck and a little tilt/mistakes thrown in; but it should be very uncommon for a good player at full ring. Typically anything over 4-5 buyins means you are doing something wrong whether you realize it or not.
  7. This is the "How." Where is the "Why?"
  8. 25.1% 4-way IS slightly +EV 4-way. Lol, this thread is funny.
  9. eff.. I'm out. KQJT on a 9T2 flop
  10. I'm in. starting to get short already though, the only hand I won was split.
  11. Given their stacks and the pot size, I'm gambling with them a high percentage of the time, just depends on how much respect I give my opponents, if they are donks then get the chips in for sure. Flush draw/gutshot/top pair/runner nut low... too much to fold. The only thing I'm worried about here is a higher flush draw being out.
  12. I didn't catch the end of it but ya, he's probably very inexperienced at HU
  13. obviously you don't play cash on FT, clown god is a regular PLO8 player and a winner in my DB. Although, perhaps he his too much of a nit... his winrate is approaching nut peddler status now that I look.
  14. huh.. this does seem quite soon after the last ones.. I want to try the PLO8, HORSE, and razz events. question is whether to try and sat in again or just buyin straight.
  15. bleh.. way to get my hopes up.. it's looking like this is only for a select few players even though I would be able to complete it they won't let me do it. PS retards. Oh, one more thing, $50 deposit bonus was a joke.
  16. I'm not seeing where to put the code, anybody?
  17. Umm.. No.. the max buyin PLO8 on Full Tilt is $1000 right now 5/10 Pot Limit.
  18. he's a fcp noob, he doesn't know about (sw)
  19. huh. I actually laughed at this one.. I think it was the wide eyes..
  20. I don't see how this could possibly viewed as "not a problem" if the biggest sites (party/stars) are in the process of denying amercans access. They will lose 80% of their revenue doing that so they would surely not close out americans if they didn't view the bill as a serious issue.
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