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  1. The guy re-raised for all his stack which was over 100k and i figured id save my stack i had 250k at that time so i didnt wanna get into a race for almost half my stack and only 5 players left. I ended up knocking that guy out later when he went all in again in a similar situation but i had AA. Thanks for the information guys just wanted to make sure i knew the rules myself as that is the first time i have been in that situation.
  2. I have a question about a situation that happened to me at a local casino during the final Table of a MTT. The blinds were at 10k/20k and UTG raises to 24k and is all in and it folds to me and i call his 24k which is only 14 k more to me since i am the small blind, and the big blind goes all in. Now i am under the impression that if a player goes all in and it isnt atleast a minimum raise then the action is dead and the rest of the table can only call the bet and no one can go over the top. Well i called the floor over and they said that the big blind always has their option yadda yadda yadda
  3. Since it seems that you are half retarded i just want you to know that the word OPEN in the US Open means that anyone can enter. Just like the US Open in Tennis. So please do some research buddy.
  4. The WSOP is in a huge learning phase of their operation and is now dealing with certain problems for the first time in its entire existence. Harrah's is using these problems as a learning experience and is trying to figure out ways to improve the entire WSOP from top to bottom. Some examples is how they used a structured break because of all the complaints last year. But one of the problems is the amount of players and it is really tough sometimes to plan in that regard because you dont know whats happeneing player wise alot of times till the very end. One thing the Rio can do is change rooms
  5. If you count money outside of Poker than Paul Phillips ranks ahead of all of them he is worth hundreds of millions from when he sold his business. Also im assuming Doyle tops the list since he did offer to buy the WPT for 700 million in cash. Obviously he doesnt hae 700 mil but people wouldnt give him the difference if he was only putting but say 25 mil so he definitely has way more money than that how much though i wouldnt know.
  6. lol, nice.and vice city is more fun than SA.Wut is more fun about Vice City than SA. Ive played them all and i dont think anything compares to being able to get on a Jet Fighter and bomb shit or fly in a jet pack. I mean all five of the games were fun and each of them has something the prior version lacks so i will say Vice City was good but San Andreas is the shit for now till we get the latest and greatest next year. And besides SA has full length porno in it which wasnt in any of the previous installments i mean come on who doesnt get off watching cartoons go at it....lol.....(sw)
  7. Poker is a "contest" that requires skill just like Football, Basketball, Soccer, and even Baseball amoung the many "sports" that are played around the world. Just because Poker isnt on the latest Gatorade commercial and you dont see it played infront of 50,000 people in a packed stadium doesnt mean that it isnt a sport. I agree that it doesnt fall in the same category as the sports i mentioned above but anything that requires a certain amount of skill and you compete against other people with a compareable amount of skill has to be classified as a sport.
  8. You were also probably molested as a child.
  9. 1 US gallon = 3.7854118 litres1 Imperial gallon = 4.54609188 litresI know it's hard to comprehend, but the United States is not the centre of the universe!Hate to break it to you but the canadian dollar isnt worth the paper its printed on so that might be why you think your gas is high.
  10. Briefly, not very much. It was important while it was happening, it's all we talked about at work that day, and part of the next. But by Thursday and Friday, I for one had moved on. Or tried to anyway. Problem was, nobody around me would let me move on, and I had to hear news reports for the next month "We found six more dead people today". ALL RIGHT ALREADY! WE GET IT!MenschYou have obviously never lost anyone you have cared about in your life if not you wouldnt talk like such a prick. Does the hurricane effect you directly probably not but thats no reason for you to be an @$$hole. If
  11. to my European friends i guess now we are going to feel the same pain you feel except atleast you are used to it. Now on a side note our gas has been going up for quite awhile so im wondering if this whole Hurricane thing is just an excuse for them since they were planning on raising them anyway. Dont get me wrong i was hit by Katrina and it did way more damage then we thought (nothing compared to NO) and our gas only went up a little bit. I dont see why a hurricane in NO would raise gas prices in NY or Chicago or the rest of the country. When Hurricane Andrew flattened Miami in 92 they weren
  12. For some reason i have a hard time getting past the bubble in big MTT's. I normally do well in the early stages but i usually get killed after the first break and have a fairly small stack heading into the third hour which usually means im either pushing all in or folding. Now i was wondering what some of the better tournie players thought was a good strategy to survive in these later stages. Im not really someone that likes to risk lots of chips on draws or marginal hands even i consider myself a very tight player. I would appreciate any help especially from guys like Zim and all the other be
  13. I think he was eating at McDonalds yesterday in Jersey right across from me!Wasn't him but funny you mention him there was a guy that looked quite a bit like him yesterday, and even though I was pretty certain it wasn't him, I couldn't help but to try and look over this other guys fat head to see if he was wearing a WSOP bracelet!I thought damn poor Robert wins a ton of dough and here he is at mickey D's.I win or earn any amount of money in the world and i would never stop eating Mcdonalds. What i might do though is get one in my living room like Richie Rich had........hmmmmmmm
  14. Dazed and Confused is a classic. There is nothing like watching Ben Affleck get embarrased by a couple of freshman.
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