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  1. *sigh* thats what i get for not reading the whole post...my bad
  2. What if the owner is a 84 year old lady? I think he could take her.perhaps you are right, if this is the case maybe a neighbor can help out with the beating, unless he too is 84. maybe then another 84 year old neighbor from down the street could hop over and get some kicks in, as i don't think a 13 year old boy stands much of a chance against 3 angry seniors who could very well be wielding canes
  3. If you look inside the second window there you can see Tritz grinding it out at the Play Money tables.you should go to that house so that the owner of it can come outside and beat the life out of you for posting his personal information on the internet, then post the pictures of your whooped ass laying bloody on his lawn, you fu.ckin tool
  4. Pokertracker = $55Pokerace HUD = freequite frankly, that's all you need
  5. wizzle

    mike jones

    he is referring to the fact that he is still the same person he always was, the only thing being different about him at this point being his increased wealth
  6. how many times have you faked pioctures, started a 50 page thread claiming you knew the flop, and lied to everyone before?thats 1 more time than he has played in the big game.jag offthat was brutal.
  7. thanks a lot for your detailed responses, exactly the type of stuff i was looking for...
  8. that being said, i'm sure there have been instances that people have been screwed over and relationships have been ruined, but im also equally sure that there have been instances where two intelligent people were able to make this work to their benefits...
  9. yes, but they told me to "keep it pimpin and ride on them busters", but thats not the advice i was looking for, so i came here
  10. hello. i have been a winning limit hold'em player for a year now, and consider myself to be a good, aggressive player; i am very responsible with playing within my bankroll, but i have not moved up as quickly as some of the other players i am aquainted with... i am married with two kids and have used a lot of the money i have made playing poker to either pay off bills, buy assorted things my family needs, or buy equipment to upgrade the studio i run out of my home (as well as some other fun stuff). i have a friend who is a good limit player himself, and plays much higher stakes than i. when co
  11. nh - can't say that i know what losing a $130 pot feels like but i would play it the same way every time
  12. whoever IamSatan is, he's a punk, bust his ass - gg all
  13. wizzle


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