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  1. Its worth noting that all these companies are UK publicly listed stocks. This gives them WAY less room to move. I'll start getting worried when publicly listed companies start closing the doors to the US.
  2. Since they just seated the final table, shouldnt the webcast be starting? I've ordered and I have no option to watch.
  3. I kind wish more pros at FTP would play the lower limits
  4. I forgot to post about this earlier.From http://www.bloggerpokertour.com.. If you wanna be nice, use my refering code (top referers get a stop in the Grand Final) which is in my signature.
  5. Also, is that a keystone poker table? If not, where did that come from? It looks sweet!
  6. They look nice. Where are they from?
  7. Lucky I called in sick today or else I wouldn't be able to play!!
  8. I'm back on now. Didn't help me win the sng tho..
  9. i think the time has come to say fairs fair
  10. I was coming 3rd with 6 people left in a tourney. What happened? Tourney dies.No response from live support. More news at 11.
  11. ring looks like it is back
  12. nope we are down again
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