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  1. How do you know? You recognized something or you didn't recognize something?
  2. howdyo

    Treo 650

    Can you use the cell phone to play poker online? More importantly, can you see the cards before they are dealt using Treo 650?
  3. You, a fuc|<ing little piece of sh!t, has contributed nothing to the real subject of this thread, as you had nothing positive for this forum either. Your pathetic, sorry little sesame-sized mind was only looking for flames only. Die!
  4. Even my manager is a regular FCP forum poster.That I go online doesn't mean that I will gamble, I like to watch certain players' play and collect statistics.If you don't sh!t about the subject of this thread, fvck off and shut the fvck up. I am being as polite as possible already.
  5. I am at work now and I can't log on to any online poker sites, does anyone have any ideas how to get around this?I know it should be some ways. I couldn't use my Windows Media Player to watch some news from CNN or yahoo before, so I reconfigured my WMP to use the proxy server the company provided and then I could watch the news. But the online poker servers don't have any configuration tools to allow you to do anything.Any ideas?I will really appreciate it even if it's just some explanations why I can't get to the online poker sites because of the firewalls, or more precisely, why can't I go t
  6. frequently stopped by the airport securities.
  7. Neverwin just got hit by a bus and he's been waiting in the emergency room.
  8. Sue the damn teacher, he's trying to molest his students.
  9. So the agent determines which horse to win the Kentucky Durby?Does that explain Daniel Negreanu's tournament performances this year?Are they all rigged? Do they know the results even before they are started? Can they see the cards before they are dealt?
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051219/ap_on_...i_ea/doyle.htmlDie, idiots.
  11. Do you know why?Because FT is more rigged than PS.At PS you can see your hands before they were dealt.At FT you can see your hands and all your opponents' hands and the board cards befire they were dealt.
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