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  1. I just want to remind the Internet before these playoffs start that I hold more hate in my heart for the Wild than anyone ever should. Actual physical hate. The weird thing is that I have no reason for my hatred......it's just there and it's real.
  2. I can't imagine someone wanting to watch 12 Years A Slave multiple times. The acting is excellent but Schindler's List is a movie with expert performances and there is zero chance I'll ever view that movie again. It's obvious 12 YAS was hard for me to watch even though they toned down the abuse to make it more palatable. Some scenes were just completely unrealistic and inconsistent with the slave owners attitude and handlers which was fine with me. Humans are the worst.
  3. A lady and her kid just came into my store and handed me this as I was watching the anonymous Curb: http://i.imgur.com/ISff5Mw.png
  4. These are some stylish flippin boots. I hated the boot that was linked but this is scalpel sharp.
  5. They look like they have an elevator sole.
  6. Why do guys identify as Armenian and not Canadian? How many generations removed are you from living in Eurasia(?)...0,1,2? I'm not sure the U.S. would get involved with the Syrian conflict even if genocide was taking place.
  7. yeah, that's good. Shish Kabob is two words but they're pretty great together.
  8. I'm pretty sure the television script for President Baby also won awards.
  9. you choose OJ or coffee with the breakfast value meals around this part of the world.
  10. eh, I went ahead and looked it up. It's called the Dakota smokeless fire pit perfect for fire restricted camping situations, cooking, or zombie apocalypses. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_pit
  11. It was a river paddle boat and Martin's boat is a modern fishing boat which is the only slop I've seen from this show in that there's no way Martin would have been able to afford that kind of boat. The sheriff seized a nice car from a drug bust so maybe Martin got the boat from a rigged police auction which would eliminate the slop. The final shot went on way too long not to mean......something. The zoom/pan to the river with the boat coincided with the lyrics in the blues song which makes me suspect there's more information in the song rather than just something cool to play over the
  12. Best thing was the low vis/low smoke fire the girl made. I think it's called a Cheyenne fire pit or something. I'm not looking up the name. Thing is, she dug out those two holes by hand......I can't help it. I really hate this show.
  13. Are murdered people so rare in Canada that it makes national news? Is there something super obvious about the story that I'm missing?
  14. Yes. You are most certainly expected to believe they would react like they did in the show. It would take many hours and multiple thousands of words just to break down one single episode of OH COME ON-ness from this show.
  15. Olympic Village Tour: See Where The Atheletes Live, Train, And Fluck Each Other http://www.theonion.com/video/olympic-village-tour-see-where-the-athletes-live-t,35266/
  16. OH COME ON! Nick was a cuntstick all season and Nina was solid. I know they edit to try to create some kind narrative and I can't taste the food digitally but why say almost every dish all season needs salt if he's going to win the final challenge. There's just no way all the comps leading up to the final challenge aren't considered when awarding the Top Chef title. They want the chef to go on and be successful in opening up restaurants and Nick probably has a pretty large edge in lining up investors so I think that's the sole reason he won. This is such a stupid show.
  17. nsfw language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axkjkD0PcOU
  18. I'd bet against Giguere too. Especially getting the +151.
  19. I had a dream last night that Serge was trolling me in person about the Broncos SB performance but I couldn't take him seriously because he was way shorter than what I expected. Like, well under 4' kind of short. Weird.
  20. I'm a such a gumpy monkey when it comes to anything Mayweather. I was pointing out that he couldn't have 10million on the game. It wouldn't surprise me if he has several large bets spread over 3 books.
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