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  1. MM plays way too predictably online, pushing draws, especially flush draws and bluffing all in with weak hands too much. When he actually has a hand he slows down and value bets. I've only played with him a short time, maybe an hour, but in that hour I picked up 3 buyins from him calling his overbets with top pair and such, but even in that short time it was easy to see his style. I'm sure his live play differs greatly, as it is known he is a very capable reader.
  2. A good flop is one when one guy limps KK, another limps AA and nobody raises. You have A8 in the BB and check. Flop comes 888 and KK guy bets. AA guy smooth calls and so do you.Turn is K.KK guy checks, AA guy bets, you call again and KK guy pushes all in. AA guy calls, as do you obviously.This happened to me at Bellagio in March.
  3. Maybe he didn't for just this day. I normally can't fold 3/4 of these hands, but I swear on my life, I did.
  4. I'll try to answer a few of the questions in one post;-I rarely play just the 5/5, usually playing the 10/25 NL if it's spread.-I multitable 5/10 through 25/50 online. I play 2 tables most of the time, preferring that over 3 or more.-I play upwards of 45 hrs a week.-I had two tremendous rushes online in which I made nearly half of my roll in a short amount of time, and managed not to lose it.-------As for showing my folds face up, I usually agree, except for when you are setting people up to make them fold later. Anyway, these were the only folds I showed, in a 32 hour session. Maybe I do want
  5. Thanks Chip...I won't post much, and I don't really care what people think. I mostly wrote it so I could read it and rethink the hands that I played. Also the point of my post was to point out that results in profits are not always a great judge of how well you have played. I realize it's cool to flame people who make random posts, and for that reason, most people don't post their experiences for fear of this type of response.And to the guy who told me to get off my own di.ck... I've made $175,000 playing poker this year, why don't YOU get on my di.ck?
  6. So now I feel cursed a little, but it gets worse. In all, I am forced to fold KK 4 times, fold a set 3 times and lay down Broadway when the board pairs on the river. I estimate that had I called even half of the rivers that found me, I'd have been down nearly $10K. As it was, I was down $2000 and had rebought.So now I'm sitting with $5000, it's Saturday at 4PM, 24 hours in, some of the players that had left last night are returning, refreshed. I've been up for 32 hours at this point.I am in a semi delerious state, my focus is purely on poker, so I'm having trouble with other functions like zip
  7. I think writing this will be theraputic, and boy do I need some therapy, so here it is.Got to Foxwoods Friday around 4PM, and found an open seat immediately at the 5/5 NL game, which is rare. As fate would have it, I'd leave this seat 3 times in the next 32 hours, sleep in my car and drive home crosseyed. Details? Sure, why not.Session started off nicely, with some small pots won and some big losses avoided, when this hand came up:Me, $3500villain, $4400ishHero gets dealt K K on the button.3 limps to me, I raise to 55, one caller.Flop is K J 4 Villain checks to me, I bet $125, he call
  8. really?? this sounds like poo poo mcmuffins to me, i've never heard of a cash table that only allows 1 exact buy in with no min-max.usually you should be able to buy in anywhere from 100 - 200 with 1/2 blinds.Foxwoods, for one. They've never allowed a larger buy in for 1/2.
  9. You are the reason I'm so damn wealthy. TY.
  10. I'll try to answer your question...When you play a TAG, great starting hands, lower limit philosiphy game at the games 5/10NL and higher, it may work nicely for small profits in the short run (maybe a day, week, month or so). But what will eventually happen is the stronger players will realize you are a nut peddler and exploit that trait. So the hand when you had KK and you stacked a guy who had 8high (undoubtedly on a draw) may have seemed like a donk play, but in reality that player's aggressive moves probably force a lot of laydown's from players who can't stand the heat with AK or mid pai
  11. -Poker BR 26K-money in "real life"- 150K cash, and a lot of stuff.-Play 5 hours a day on average-Playing since last December-Yeah, I'm addicted.-Self employed.-only problem is BR management, I fight the urge to sit in 50/100 NL daily, while playing 3/6 or 5/10. I've only transgressed twice, and let's just say, my BR would be 3 times the size had I forgone the experience.The rest of the questions are not really answerable, at least not by me.
  12. Dags has magic cards at the 25/50 nl. He can't NOT suckout LOL.The other night, I had KK on the button, and Dags opened for 175. Another player grumpysleepy reraised to 575 and I pushed.Dags called with TT and hit his set.With luck like that, who needs the best hand.
  13. Stylin, I think you understand how I was reasoning it out. The raise on 4th is mandatory IMO. You can't just call down and expect to be a winner with any consistency.Cobalt, I should have mentioned this is short handed, 6 players. A hand like KTs in position vs. a loose raiser is one I will make a call with if I feel I play better post flop, and if I've been flopping somewhat nicely.
  14. Ivey raped him in round one for about 60K. Spirit seems to get it back, and then some, on other games or the next day in rematches.You know who is really impressive lately, is Kwilson. He's tearing up every game he sits in.
  15. Hey gang,Looking for some opinions on how to better play this hand.I've got K T on the button. Villian is to my right and has been raising any pair, any A and any suited connector. I've outplayed him for a few smaller pots, and I think he's itching to get it on with me. 2/4 NL, my stack is 660, his 480.Villain raises to 12, I call and all others fold.Flop comes Q 10 4 He bets out 20, I call. I felt that a raise here would do one of two things. One, it would induce a push from an overpair or even a Q , which would be difficult to call because I feel I've been outmanuevering him in smal
  16. Moving all in PF isn't always an optimal play, especially in a live game. In this situation I would have reraised to 15 preflop and pushed all in on the flop. He may or may not call, depending on his gamble, but either way you've made a +EV play which forces your opponent to make a bad decision to draw out on you.Another point, he will likely fold to the 15 PF raise, which achieves the same purpose as the All in. The way you played it, though, was like saying Please Crack My Aces.
  17. $12,500 at the Foxwoods 10/20 during WPT. My KK hit an AKK flop vs AA, rofl.Incidentally, the biggest I've LOST was a bit over 10K when my AA flopped a AQT board, I bet, was raised, I flat called. The turn was a Q, I bet, was raised, and I pushed all in. He called and showed QQ. DOH!
  18. One fine weekend in May, I played a 36 hour session at Foxwoods. In that time I saw quads NINE times, would have been 10 but I folded KQ to a reraise and the board came KKK.I also won a giant pot with 34 against AK when the final board read 5 6 K Q 2 On another table, my friend got it all in with a set of 9's vs a set of 10's and won with a 9 on the river.Lastly, not so bad but still painfull, I pushed all in with AA preflop and lost to AK, just like on my computer LOL.IT HAPPENS LIVE TOO.
  19. I win the dumb bad beat gold medal.I lost an all in for $2200 on Full Tilt to Railparade with Aces full of Queens to quad Queens (on the turn).RIIIIIGGGGGGEEEEEDDDDD
  20. with that many players seeing the flop, I'd bet he holds the nut straight. Even so, assuming you are adequetely bankrolled, I'd push and see what happened, it's not like you don't have outs.The other thing is, he could be open ended with a flush draw, or have a flush draw with two overs, or an A high flush draw with a pair. Or in the rare instance, a high pair that was slowplayed. What all this tells you is there are many hands that could make his play that your hand is beating, so put your money in and find out.
  21. If it makes you feel any better, I crushed Railparade the other day on 4 all ins on the 5/10 NL on FT. Took about 6K off him in an hour.
  22. If I was down to MY last 25K, I'd sit in the Foxwoods 5/5 all day, and in a month have another 25-50K. Seriously, that game is sooooofffffftttt, enough so that there is no need to let anyone play for me.But if I have to answer, I'd hand it to Prahlad Friedman, let him multitable my money into gold.
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