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  1. ....and froze again chat works nothing else
  2. (Omaha Pot Limit, $2/$4) Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: Mesisca ($170 in chips) Seat 2: Kilagus ($300 in chips) Seat 3: DirkDirka ($250 in chips) Kilagus: posts small blind $2 DirkDirka: posts big blind $4*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Mesisca [Ah 3h 3s 4s]Mesisca: raises $6 to $10 Kilagus: foldsDirkDirka: calls $6*** FLOP *** [9h Jh Tc]DirkDirka: bets pot $24Mesisca: calls $24 *** TURN *** [9h Jh Tc] [3d] (pot now $72)DirkDirka: bets pot $72Mesisca: ?????????????????Ok so its 3-handed live cash game, I tried my best to make the hand clear, my read on this player is he has been tight for 3-handed bu
  3. its got to be one of these, hopefully the bellande/hellmuth table doesnt make the tv table as interesting as that may be aside from the poker.O13-1: Haysam Chiniara - 79500O13-2: Sigurd Eskeland - 399500O13-3: Dustin Holmes - 734000O13-4: Joe Bishop - 247500O13-5: Jon Turner - 726500O13-6: JP Kelly - 217000O13-7: Lawrence Jacobs - 141500O13-8: Adam Schoenfeld - 200000O13-9: David Angel - 164000Holmes and Turner top stacks and schoenfeld at the table as well, wouldnt mind watching this oneO28-1: Robert Mizrachi - 138000O28-2: Danny Fuhs - 320000O28-3: Jiri Hlavaty - 235000O28-4: Marcelo Dabus -
  4. id call that north i guess just because id call central north as most south jersey people lol, but thats cool your near the stadium, i actually go to rutgers camden.
  5. nice, tid, what part of jersey you from?
  6. wow thats nuts, worst neighbors i ever had took shits on fellow neighbors lawns and threw their shit boxers in the bushes, i guess when your on shrooms taking shits and leaving your boxers for the neighbor sounds like a good idea? and i thought that was bad lol, at least you got protection, id be sitting there with my keyboard in albert pujols stance waiting just incase
  7. just got done wrecking some children who should already be in bed in halo, if your still looking for horses im ready to do the same in poker maheha(stratford)
  8. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"? well, thats my favorite, hope you agree lol
  9. yea im out lolQT in bb called a raise check raised all in for 800+ on K J x board turn J river 9 he had KJthanks and maybe you can make it your second 4.40 win in two nights... gl bro
  10. lol me and frizzo next to eachother now
  11. ok im in tourny 93656363 your both prob in it to gl lets win some money
  12. oh i forgot maheha (Stratford) on stars
  13. im down if im one of the first replys
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