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  1. since i stopped losing a few months ago, it started growing.weird.now it's enough.
  2. There is never a good reason not to do something while you're drunk, as long as the words "fatty" and/or "ex-girlfriend" are not involved.Have fun, sir.
  3. Don't really know/care... and I haven't noticed ElkY at that game in a while.I didn't really post here to talk about him, and I don't think it's really anybody's business about the specifics of his poker-playing. I only mentioned him to explain what the hellll I was doing sitting at 10/20.Why do you ask?
  4. So I'm playing with a friend of mine a couple nights ago, around my normal stakes ($2/$4 NLish) even though he plays much higher, so I agree to sit at $10/$20 NL with him for TWO rounds... just for shits and giggles. (I REPEAT: I follow BR management... 8) )Anyways, long story short, I get KK 5 hands in, end up taking down a $1200 pot with quad kings against someone with ... 8 high. My biggest pot ever, woopdy friggin do.That's just a side story: I've rolled up to $2k on stars since I've stopped cashing out recently. First, understand that I have zero, I repeat, ZERO interest in taking on a
  5. You had a commanding chip lead heads up and still tried for a chop?Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Congrats on the win though. I guess.
  6. YES! I was thinking... Chadwick and Holly... Holly and Chadwick... why does that combo sound so damn familiar...f*ckin' awesome.
  7. Alright Smash. NY 27k, best 2 out of 3 heads-up. Winner takes home the 27k. That's the most I am willing to put up. Take it or leave it.So...? What's happenin'?
  8. PokerStars Game #2236468913: Tournament #10686270, Hold'em Limit - Level XII (2000/4000) - 2005/08/01 - 03:34:46 (ET)Table '10686270 16' Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: wolfgang29 (15038 in chips) Seat 2: johnnyboy83 (92386 in chips) Seat 3: kosteykostey (36123 in chips) Seat 5: astro96 (76785 in chips) Seat 6: AJKHoosier1 (4645 in chips) Seat 8: TheRegSWR (7082 in chips) Seat 9: Lovak (12740 in chips) AJKHoosier1: posts small blind 1000TheRegSWR: posts big blind 2000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to AJKHoosier1 [7c Kh]Lovak: folds wolfgang29: folds johnnyboy83: folds kosteykostey: folds astro96 said, "
  9. I had a chip lead late in THREE huge PS MTT's tonight (NL, PLO, LHE)... ended up finishing 30th, 30th, 15th.In the NL, the key pot was my AK v KJ v KJ, turn Jin the LHE, 22 v KJ he bets out at a ragged board, i call him down to the river, river Kin the PLO... well that one I just choked. :x yeah that's frustrating. and yet not once did i hit anything, or any dumbassery of that sort.
  10. Had a hand late in the $10 NL I just busted out on...had chiplead and KK in SB... yeah yeah national anthem goin off in my head, then...short stack UTG raises all-in UTG... yay.slightly bigger stack re-raises all-in in MP... mmmmk.then, 2nd place in the tourney (only a little behind me) RE-RE-raises all-in....I sit there with my KK, wince, and fold.Then, I REALLLLY wince when it shows:UTG: JJMP: Kh2h (wtf?!)Big stack: TTFlop: JhTh3h...Kh2h flops the flush, JJ flops top set, TT flops middle setKh2h holds up...With THOSE HANDS, I was in FOURTH PLACE on the flop.Wow.
  11. not counting pivotal hands in the late stages of a huge tourney...I've lost a $200 pot in $.50/1.00 PLO... about the same in $2/4 NLHE.neither bad beats, and neither of em do I remember well... I just lost em.
  12. Headin downtown for tonight but...tomorrow during the day should be cool, or sunday. I'll play any non-stud game on PS.I'll let you know in the upcoming day or two.Lookin forward to it!ID AJKHoosier1 btw.
  13. boooooooooohere come the one-uppers!! 8)btw I just realized I won 3.6 max buy-ins on that one pot, and it was basically heads up... ridiculous.
  14. Mine's about 300 less than that at the same stakes. $1000+ in 2-4 is insane, I thought $700+ was ridiculous.And yeah I was nervous with this flop, but not too nervous when the diamond came, since I knew he couldn't be drawing to the nut flush, so unless he had a set AND the flush draw, there's no way he'd stay.Then again, he stayed with bottom set on this board... so what can I really say.If the board paired, this laptop isn't in one piece right now, I'll say that much.NH
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