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  1. 2nd poster, you are right that he will stop stealing your blinds so much. But you make the mistake of thinking we want a call when we reraise 3 times his raise (I prefer 3.3-3.8 timex but wtv.) The strength of the play is the fold equity. We are basically making a semi bluff with hands that can flop big (but normally wont). We are hoping for a fold.The main reasons why calling is wrong against opponents I described is that their opening range is just too big for calling with suited connectors and small pairs to be profitable. If we plan of folding when we miss, it is almost impossible to make
  2. Raise more preflop. And dont make stupid strategy posts.
  3. wtf? CRing the flop is standard for you guys? Is this a poker forum? LEAD THE FLOP 90% OF THE TIME
  4. what this guy said.Bet more on turn, bet more on river for value. And since you didnt, id insta ****ing call getting those odds. Thats a sick river card for you man. Since hes a retard drunk, id bet more on river for value unless you had a strong read that he's on a draw, then obv. check call. But also if you want you can mix it up and check flop. But with opponents descriptions id bet bet bet every street.
  5. In most games (400nl+) against decent but not great players, it is almost always better to repop from the blinds to a button or cutoff raise hands like 22-66, AT,AJ and even suited connectors that to flat call. I will defend that point and hopefully you will all agree that it is generally correct.arguments go!
  6. this poll is a joke. First off, negreanu is a great all around player. put him in a mixed game and I like him almost better than anyone. But NL? cmon. He was the weakest player by his own admission when they filmed HSP this year on that stacked table. The best players are antonious, brad booth, aba20 and some others. If you really want to talk best players though, look at some of the online grinders Like FSUplayer on 2+2, samoleous from party poker, BldSwtTrs from party poker and some others. These guys are specialists who are among the best thinkers in the game and have amazing balance for ea
  7. I was a member here first before I found 2+2 and was also a member at some other poker forums. Then I discovered 2+2. The quality of advice and skill of the posters there is incomparable to anywhere else on the net. My game became soooo much better as soon as I started posting there. I love daniel, but for strategy, 2+2 is the answer. Hell, alot of the top HSNL posts are better than daniel at NL holdem (before I get flamed, they are strickyl nl holem specialists)
  8. Im in. Im more 2+2 but technically I was FCPer before most of you guys so I guess that counts. Buying in direct cuase its more baller.
  9. Just turned 20 (Do I still count?) been playing with my friends since 16 so a few years now. We started out with 3 dollar buy in, now its 10$ but most swings in the night are 30-50 range cuase one guy is a maniac and creates action. Im the most die hard in the group, but my bro and another freind have both been taking it seriously.They have been playing online for about a year 1/2 each, which is about a year less than me. I play the 600nl and 1000nl games on party, while they are stuck at the 200nl tables. Needless to say the skill level in our game is quite high and the maniac friend who use
  10. only becuase im not there yet bababababeee
  11. 5.3k and feeling good. Lets go jews on christmas!
  12. Played 2 tourneys on party yesterday, made the money in both and finished 7th out of 800 in the other following advice I had just read in HOH vol 1,2 in the past week. Amazing book. The agressiveness that he suggests at a short stacked final table blew my mind, but it worked! I stayed alive for so much longer than I though when I was card dead and getting sucked out on. Amazing book. Must read. Anyone who says he isnt in the top 5 tourney players, is just plain wrong.
  13. sniff sniff..... anyone else smell that?
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